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Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • The celestial natural combination of Mountains, rivers, dense forests, waterfalls, culture, religion, flora and fauna
  • Mixed feelings about the Hindu and Buddhist cultures and belives
  • Friendly locals, rich in culture with Nepalese and Tibetan fusion
  • Experience of climate changes from a warm region to a freezing temperature
  • Traditional settlements with the local artistic carvings
  • Religious monasteries and other monuments
  • Tranquil high Himalayan glacial lake
  • Lovely wildlife including blue sheep, Himalayan Thar, Pika, Marmot, Agali and Snow leopard (if lucky)
  • Cultural and religious actions like the festival, offerings and more

About Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is an adventure High Pass Trek inside a restricted area. It is an alternative trail to the Annapurna Circuit because the length of these two Treks and the natural feelings are the same. It starts at a subtropical temperature and gradually ascends to high alpine elevation and a cold temperature.

After the road construction on the Annapurna Circuit Trail, the trekkers started to find an alternative and found the Manaslu Circuit to be the best option because of the length and scenery of the trek.

This trail opened for visitors in 1999 but used to be limited until a few years ago. After the motors started driving on the Throngla trail, the popularity of this route increased rapidly. The charming mixed natural beauty of lowland and high Himalayan territory bewitched the travelers on this trip.

The Manaslu Circuit trekking trail mainly takes place in the Gorkha district near the Tibetan border. It brings trekkers to the high Himalayan Tibetan Buddhist areas gradually from the lower Hindu region.

The restricted area begins at Jagat and is dimensional to the Larke top. The region is overcast by the Annapurna Massif in the west and the Ganesh Himal in the east. The Manaslu is a bonnie mountain higher than 8,000 meters, but around 2% of trekkers who come to Nepal globally visit this route. probably because of less advertisement, physical challenges, and remoteness. Although the Larkey La Pass Trek is rich with nature and culture,

This Adventure Circuit Trek in the Manaslu region leads by following the Budhigandaki River, keeping rice and millet fields on the sides in the lower region. Different suspension bridges along the way connect beautiful traditional towns. Some of them are quite long.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking begins from Kathmandu, driving to Arughat or Soti Khola through the hillside road. It is about a 7–8-hhour drive on a pitch-black highway and ends with a bumpy road. Walking through rice fields and cedar forest with steep ascending trails, you reach Machhakhola (8,90m) on the second day of the trip or the first day of the hike.

After the first night's stay in Machhakhola, the next destination will be Jagat. On the way, you pass a hot spring, where you can take a short break. Jagat has an entry point to check Manaslu's restricted permit. Then, you go further to Deng, Namrung, Samagaun, Samdo, and Dharmashala before crossing the Larke La Pass.

Amazing views of the edges are available when looking downward from the top in the direction you walked previously, but the front line, where you are going, comes with much better looks. While descending from the Larke La Pass, there is a huge, amazing glacier on your right. You must exercise caution if there is ice on the trail because it slopes steeply.

Frolic Adventure is operating Trekking trips to Manaslu Circuit at a reasonable cost that is safety-oriented. We arrange your trip with reasonable costs and safety rules. You can contact us for a customized Trekking itinerary. We are always happy to provide you with the best offer and services per your interest, time, and physical conditions.

Trekking Route of Manaslu Circuit

Our regular Trekking itinerary for the Manaslu Circuit is for 14 days, but it can be shorter or longer according to your time, ability, and interest. The first day starts with a long drive to Sotikhola from Kathmandu. After that, you walk to Machhakhola for the second stop, and the third day is Jagat during the Manaslu Trek.

Likewise, you hike further to Deng, Namrung, and Samagaun on this trip's fourth, fifth, and sixth days. The seventh day is your rest day for altitude practice in Samagaun. You will Hike to Manaslu base camp and Birendra Lake or Pungyen Gompa on the rest day in Samagaun. After that, the two days to Samdo and Samagaun are shorter than other trekking days. The tenth day is challenging with Larke La Pass. After crossing this big hill, you reach Bhimtang and feel relaxed.

People reach Dharapani from Bhimtang in one day, but it is better to stop in Tilje because you might be tired from Larkey. You can end the trek with a drive to Kathmandu from Dharapani on the 12th day of the trip or keep walking for two more days to Bhulbhule or Besishahar.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map with altitude detail

Here, you find the 17-day Manaslu Circuit Trek Map, which is from your arrival at the Kathmandu Airport to your departure to your home. According to our Trip Map for the Manaslu Larke Pass Trek, you will be greeted by our airport representative at the Kathmandu International Airport on the first day.

The second day is permit-making, so you will have a full-day Kathmandu City Tour, then depart for the Trek on the third day. Per our Trekking Map schedule, you spend 13 nights in the mountains, drive from Bhubhule on the last day to Kathmandu, and depart on the next day for your home.

It shows your drive to Sotikhola to start walking on this Map. Still, you can also drive to Machhakhola instead by private jeep and end the Trek by driving from Dharapani if you do not have enough time to complete our regular Trekking days, which you see on this Map. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the customized Itinerary of the Manaslu Circuit Larke Pass Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Most of the Trekking days on the Manaslu Circuit are not that difficult. However, the Larke Pass (5106m) and many hours of walking in the lower altitudes can make it a bit difficult for trekkers. If you are on a Trek in spring or the beginning of autumn, the warm temperature in the lower region also makes you uneasy while walking.

The Difficulty level is not a big issue on this Trek for regular trekkers, but it might be a bit hard for first-time trekkers during the Manaslu Larke Pass Trek. Some people hesitate to hand over the original passport to another, but you must provide the original passport with a Nepal Visa to issue a restricted area entry permit. It also makes it an uneasy and difficult feeling at the beginning for some trekkers.

Besides paperwork and physical difficulty, the altitude makes the trek challenging. It won’t be a big issue with altitude sickness before Samagaun, but once you cross Samagaun towards Samdo, Dharmashala, and Larke La Pass, you feel too tired to walk with the altitude effect. Snow and ice can sometimes make it difficult to descend the long descending trail after the Larke Pass until Bhimtang.

Trekking Cost for the Manaslu Circuit

The Manaslu Larke Pass Trek is competitively cheaper than the Everest Region because you do not need a costly fight. Lodging and food costs are very reasonable, but entry permits make them slightly more expensive. The price for the Trek depends on the service you choose or what a company offers.

Our 14-day Circuit Trekking package to Manaslu is all-inclusive, and we offer this trip for 999 USD per person. The price we are bidding is for a group of two travelers in a single booking, but we can afford it at a lower cost if you have more than two people for a single trip booking. And for that, you need to contact us with your details.

We can shorten or lengthen this Trek according to your time and altitude experience for the Manaslu Trek. Also, You may pay just for a guide, porter, and permits rather than taking a full-board trip. But the total expenses of the trip come to the same amount as our all-inclusive Package Cost.

Manaslu Trekking Permits

The trekkers in this region need to obtain three different Entry Permits. It is a restricted zone, so Nepali immigration issues a special permit, which costs 70 USD for the first seven days and 10 USD for every additional day from September to November. Likewise, 50 US dollars per week and 7 American dollars per day are extra in the other months.

During this adventure mountain trip, you will walk inside Manaslu and Annapurna conservation areas, so you also need those permits. Each preserve region Permit Costs 3,000 NPR. We arrange all essential legal entry papers in Kathmandu one day earlier than the trip's starting date. Detailed information about Manaslu region permit costs

Accommodation, Food, and Drink on the Manaslu Circuit Route

Getting Accommodation while you are Trekking to the Manaslu Circuit is easy. There are plenty of guesthouses along the way. The rooms are private with twin-sharing beds and are clean and comfortable. You will get an extra blanket and soft pillow with each bead. The bathrooms are clean everywhere, but there might not be sitting toilets in each lodge.

During the Trek, you will get a menu with assorted Nepalese and Western dishes. The food is hygienic; you can see the same meals at every stop. Sometimes, you might get bored seeing the same course continuously.

You can buy bottled mineral water everywhere during the trip. Also, you can drink regular tap water by filling your bottle, but you must use purification medication or sterilizer before drinking.

Trekking Gear for Manaslu Curcit

It is a high-adventure trek through the cold region. Of course! It is better to pack nice, warm equipment for the trip. It starts snowing in November and continues until the beginning of spring. Due to the freezing temperature, icy snow makes the trail slippery in the higher regions. Crampons and a Trekking gear help you walk on this surface. Check out the list of regular Trekking Gear for the Manaslu Trek below:

  • Warm woolen or fleece hat
  • Thermal layers
  • Long and short-sleeve T-shirts
  • Down jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • A pair of thick gloves
  • High-neck sweater
  • Buff
  • Windproof trouser
  • Hiking trousers
  • Hiking boots
  • A few pairs of trekking socks
  • Sports shoes for the camp
  • Water sandals
  • Rain gear
  • Sun hat, lotion, and glasses
  • Trekking rukshak or duffel bag
  • Daypack for your valuables, water, and snacks
  • Quick-drier towel
  • Moisturizers and lip balm
  • Wet napkins
  • Trekking pole
  • power bank to charge the phone and camera
  • Sleeping bag

Besides the listed things, you can pack a first-aid kit, toiletries, extra shoeless items, and daily necessities for the Larke Pass Trek. You may meet some trekkers who snore while sleeping, and it may disturb you. It is good to have earplugs for the Manaslu Circuit.

The Best Time for the Manaslu Circuit

Mid-September to November and March to mid-May are the Best times to trek the Manaslu Circuit. Autumn offers clear visibility even from a distance, and the spring season will have hazy days in lower areas. But it is nice and clear in the higher regions. The months of spring are warmer compared to autumn.

December to February are considered winter months in Nepal and will be freezing. December is doable with warm gear, but not in January and February. If you like to visit Manaslu in a less crowded season, the beginning of December can be the best time, and the weather will be superb.

The summer brings lots of rain and poor visibility. The trekking trail will be slippery, so going to the Larkey La pass during the monsoon can be risky and not worth it.

Altitude Sickness in the Manaslu Circuit

The Trekking itinerary for the Manaslu High Pass Trek starts at a low elevation. It then gradually ascends, so there is no need to worry about mountain sickness during the tour. The journey begins below a thousand meters above sea level and slowly goes above 5,000 meters to Larke La Pass.

Also, you will have an Altitude practice rest day in Samagaun. Visiting Pungen Gumba or Manaslu base camp this day for an acclimatization hike helps minimize the AMS. In the higher regions, you will have short-distance commands. It also helps prevent mountain sickness for trekkers.

Internet, Phone, and Battery Charging in the Manaslu Circuit Route

It is becoming a more popular trekking trail among adventure trekkers after the road construction on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The facilities for communication in the region are still developing. Lower areas from starting the trip and after the pass have NTC cell phone services. You can call from a SAT phone in this region if needed.

Most of the places have wi-fi, which you can get for free or pay some amount for. You can charge the camera and other gadgets during the trip, but you might need to pay. The power supply in the Manaslu Region is solar and microhydro.


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Our representatives will await your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, where you will be taken directly to your hotel. After refreshments, you will be introduced to the guides and other members of the company, after which you are free to travel around the city, indulging in the local delicacies, sights, and sounds. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1350m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Private Car/Van/Bus
  • Departure Time: According to the arrival time

Today, we journey to witness the spellbinding locations around the valley. The tour begins with the Buddhist heritage at Swayambhunath, overlooking the Kathmandu valley from the top of the hill, before heading towards the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, often called the guardian god of the nation. Deviating from the religious heritage, we head towards the historical sights of Kathmandu Durbar Square. The tour ends at Boudhanath with calming views of the sunset. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1350m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Private Car/Van/Bus
  • Departure Time: 9:00 am

The Manaslu Trek begins as we leave the valley through its windy, twisty roads towards the mesmerizing views waiting at Soti Khola, Gorkha. Heading out of Kathmandu, we soon find ourselves on a comfortable ride through the Prithvi Highway. The thrashing Trishuli River soon joins us, adding beauty to the landscapes, which in its own right is captivating. Crossing the town of Arughat, we bring the ride to a close reaching Soti Khola. Overnight stay at Soti Khola.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Soti Khola
  • Altitude: 710m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Public Bus
  • Departure Time: 7:00 am
We begin the day by crossing a bridge over Soti Khola, heading towards the Sal forests on the opposite end. Accompanied by Budhi Gandaki thundering beneath, we continue the Manaslu Circuit trekking, which soon gives way to the village of Khursane and Lapubesi. The valley opens before us as we go through well-built stone tracks to reach Machha Khola over the bridge and toward the town. Overnight stay at Machhakhola.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Machha Khola
  • Altitude: 869m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
Today, we head towards the picturesque city of Jagat through the gorge up the river. The trail winds up and down through the hilly landscape crossing Tharo Khola and heading to Khorlabesi. From Khorlabesi, we go to Tatopani, where warm and relaxing hot water baths await us. The trail in the Manaslu Circuit Trek map follows the Budhi Gandaki River and crosses its path multiple times to reach Jagat. Overnight stay at Jagat.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Jagat
  • Altitude: 1340m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
Today, we trek to the hilly village of Deng, and stunning landscapes, dense sub-tropical forests, and small rivers brighten the trail. The trail climbs onto a rocky ridge heading to Salleri, continuing to Ghatta Khola, and crossing Sirdibas. Chasing the course through somewhat leveled millet fields and pathways, we reach Ekle Bhatti and head along Budhi Gandaki River before finally settling down at Deng. Overnight stay at Deng.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Deng
  • Altitude: 1860m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
The trail begins with a crossing over the Budhi Gandaki River, our constant companion for the past few days, to reach the hamlet of Bihi. We also enter the Manaslu Conservation Area today, and the forested trail filled with exquisite floras and faunas provides a testament to the captivating beauty the region boasts of. We head to Prok, enjoying the mesmerizing views of Serang Himal (7,161m) up and over the forests landing at the base of the hill leading to Namrung.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Namrung
  • Altitude: 2630m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
This day is guided by the majestic Ganesh Himal (7,422m) and Himalchuli (7,863m) looming in the back ground as we head towards the quaint hamlet of Lihi crossing several small passes and patches of lush green forests. The trail winds down to Lho through seas of prayer flags and stone cairns, continuing to Shyala. Our first peek at the majestic Manaslu Himal (8,163m) as the journey ends at Samagaon. Overnight stay at Samagaon.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Samagaon
  • Altitude: 3520m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
The journey begins on a rocky trail heading past stone cairns and rocky ridges towards the towering Himalayas. The paths are often traveled by pilgrims singing their traditional songs and also by trekkers seeking to acclimatize. The Gompa belongs to the older generation and is home to Buddhist artifacts and teachings, and is blessed with captivating views of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) and Ngadi Chuli (7,871m). We descend back to Samagaon for the night.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Samagaon
  • Altitude: 3520m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
One of the easy days of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we make our way to Samdo today. The journey begins with a steep descent towards the thrashing Budhi Gandaki before reaching the ever-widening valley. Guided by the stunning mountain vistas, the trail dives deep into alpine forests before clearing at Kermo Kharka. The course again dwindles to the familiar Budhi Gandaki, beyond which the rugged path leads to Samdo. Overnight stay at Samdo.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Samdo
  • Altitude: 3860m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
Today, we trek to Dharmasala, which also houses the base camp for Larkya La Pass. The journey out of Samdo heads towards the Larkya Bazaar, a famous Tibetan trading place in ancient times. Once again, the trail descends to the familiar Budhi Gandaki. We reach the majestic Larkya Glacier. The journey takes us toward Salla Khola before finally heading out of the valley and going to Dharmasala for the night.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Dharmasala
  • Altitude: 4460m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
Today, we cross the Larkya La pass (5160m), widely known as perhaps the most dramatic adorning the Himalayas. A long day of travel boasting dazzling views of the world's largest Himalayas. The journey begins with a steep ascent toward the northern end of the Larkya Glacier. With the rising altitude, the trail gets steeper and steeper before finally reaching Larkya La Pass at 5,160m, and the views do not hold back. The sight of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m), Samdo (6,335m), Ngadi Chuli (7,871m), and countless peaks stretching over 6500m is something beyond words could describe. We descend to Bhimthang for the night.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Bhimthang
  • Altitude: 3720m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 5:00 am

The long way back home begins today as we descend from Bimthang toward Dharapani. We cross the Surki, Goa, and Tilje villages on our way to Dharapani today. Once we arrive in Dharapani, we cross a suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River and meet the main Annapurna Circuit Trekking trail in the Annapurna conservation area.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Dharapani
  • Altitude: 1900m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am
Today, we head towards Chyamche, which falls under Annapurna Conservation Area. The trail winds up towards the stony ridges adorned by the Mani stones and seas of prayer flags and towards Thonje. Taking mental notes in awe of the local way of life, we continue our journey to Dharapani. The trail winds towards the Marshyangdi River before reaching Tal, beyond which a steep descent takes us to Chyamche. Overnight stay at Chyamche.
  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Chyamche
  • Altitude: 1430m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am

On today's final day of the Manaslu circuit Trek, we descend to the trailhead at Ngadi. The journey begins alongside the raging Marshyangdi through lush green forests filled with oak, juniper, and Sal trees. Enjoying the pleasant landscapes surrounding us, we head toward Bahundanda. As the valley closes behind us, we cross the quaint hamlet of Lampata before reaching Ngadi. Overnight stay at Ngadi.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Ngadi
  • Altitude: 930m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am

On the final day of the Manaslu Circuit trekking, we head back to Kathmandu from Ngadi, crossing the hustling and bustling town of Besisahar. The journey begins on the tight bends of Prithvi Highway, surrounded by pleasant landscapes before, for the final time, Trishuli River joins us. A grand farewell dinner with Frolic Adventure awaits us as we return to our hotel. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1350m.
  • Mode of Transportation: Public Bus
  • Departure Time: 7:00 am
The final day of the 17 days Manaslu Circuit Trek and the curtain on our Himalayan adventure comes to a close. You will again drive back to Tribhuvan International Airport for your flight home. Best Wishes on your next adventure, and we pray we will be a part of it.
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Place: Home
  • Mode of Transportation: Private Car/Van/Bus
  • Departure Time: 3 hours earlier from the departure flight time

Cost Details

  • Airport/hotel/airport pick up and drop by private car/van/bus.
  • 3 nights Accommodation in tourist standard hotel including breakfast as per the above itinerary twin sharing basis.
  • Private car/van/bus and a guide for the cultural tour 
  • All ground transportation during the trip.
  • Your standard meal BLD during the trek with a cup of hot tea/coffee for breakfast
  • Fresh fruit after every dinner in the mountain
  • All necessary papers works, special trekking permits, conservation area entry permits, and monument entrance fees
  • All accommodations in lodges/tea houses during the treks.
  • An experienced, helpful, and friendly guide, porters (1 porter for 2 people).
  • Salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transportation, and insurance for the guide and porter.
  • The arrangement of an emergency helicopter service will be paid for by your travel insurance company.
  • Sleeping bag, down jackets, and duffle bags if you don't have
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Frolic Adventure invites you to farewell dinner last night.
  • All government taxes (Gst) and Stationery expenses.
  • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at Tribhuvan international airport  (Kathmandu). 
  • Your travel insurance (compulsory).
  • Lunch and dinner while you are in Kathmandu.
  • All entry fees for heritage sites.
  • Your personal expenses.
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Sweet things like dessert/chocolate.
  • Hot shower/batteries charge/heater during the trek.
  • International airfare.
  • Tips for the guide, porter & driver. 
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned in including section.

Useful Info

It's Good to Know About the Manaslu Circuit

Walk freely on a less crowded trail compared to the other busiest routes, like in Everest Base Camp or more commercial regions.

During the Larke Pass trekking, the entire region offers a slight feeling of isolation for the visitors, but there are plenty of guesthouses at each stop, and you do not need to bring tents and food.

The first few days' hikes follow the Budhi Gandaki River, with its deep and long gorge and numerous swing suspension bridges to cross.

The journey begins with a subtropical climate and then gradually ascends to a higher alpine temperature, so you should not worry about altitude sickness.

We organize a full-board trip, but do not forget the Nepalese currency to the mountain for your drinks. You can exchange foreign money in the mountains but might not get a fair exchange rate.

Do not expect fancy accommodations and Western bathrooms because you are going to a remote region.

You Must Have a Guide for the Manaslu Trek.

A guide is compulsory for the Circuit Trek in Manaslu because it is a restricted region. The forbidden area is from Jagat to the top of Larkey La. Not only this trip, but Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Nar Phu, and Kanchenjunga are also controlled sectors.

We provide government license holders with an English-speaking guide and a helpful assistant for your ramble. The leader who leads you is knowledgeable and helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manaslu Circuit (FAQs)

When is the best time to trek to the Manaslu Circuit?

September to November and March to May are the best times to visit the Manaslu Trek. Autumn has the clearest visibility, and the colorful rhododendron in the forest makes the trail attractive.

What is the fastest itinerary for the Manaslu Trek?

According to altitude safety, 12 to 14 days is good, but if you are an adventure trekker and have visited the higher elevation many times, you can finish it in 10 days.

How hard is Larke's pass, and how difficult is it?

The most challenging section of the Trek is crossing the Larke Pass. It takes around 7-8 hours from Dharmashala to Bhimtang, but it may take even longer for some people. The elevation of Larkey La Pass is 5,160m ASL.

How many hours do I have to walk daily during the Manaslu Trek?

Well, it depends on the altitude. You will walk 6-7 hours in the lower elevations and 3–4 hours in the higher areas.

Why do I have to start very early in the morning to cross Larke La Pass?

A big wind will be on the top of Larke la Pass after the sun's heat, so you must start early in the morning from Dharmasala (Larkey Phedi). Also, it is a long day, and it can be dark to reach Bhimtang if you begin late for this high pass.

Can I trek without a guide on the Manaslu Circuit?

No, it is impossible because of restrictions. Having a government-licensed trekking guide for the Manaslu Region would be best.

Can a free individual trekker get the permit for the Manaslu Circuit?

No, only a trekking company can arrange the permits for the Manaslu Trek, and a minimum of two trekkers in a group can get restricted access.

Is there a motor road on the Manaslu Circuit trail?

No, there is no road for motors, but if you start the trip from Arught or Sotikhola, the first two days will be on the road. Also, from Dharapani to Bhulbule after the pass, there will be a road again sometimes.

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