About Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan nation with lots of beautiful snowcaps. There are lots of tourists attractions for adventures and on-adventuress activities tour and travel. Besides trekking and climbing trips, there are many one day and multi-day tours and typical village tours. Nepal is one of the renowned countries for cultural tours. It has got abundant cultural sites that belong to different religious devotees. Nepal is a house of different social groups, which can be defined as a melting pot. 125 castes and 123 speaking languages are found in this country. The long history, arts and architectural prosperity stone and wooden crafts are found in this country. Among ten UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal, seven are located inside the Kathmandu valley. Some sites belong to Hindu, some Buddhism and some historical royal palaces. And three are outside of the Kathmandu valley. They are Sagarmatha national park- where the world's highest mountain Everest id situated, Lumbini- where the Lord Buddha was born and Chitwan national park- where many tourists go for jungle safari. Festivals and celebrations add more charm to the lifestyles of Nepali people. There are natural and culturally wonderful places out of the Kathmandu valley, including Bandipur, Pokhara and Lumbini (birthplace of Lord Buddha). The sceneries and geographical diversities make you feel magnificent.

Kathmandu valley is the capital city of Nepal with 7 world heritage sites. This city is known as a city of the temple. So there are many historical temples and centuries-old monuments those are tourist attractions to know about ancient Nepal. Frolic Adventure offers you all tours in Nepal in the competitive price and professional tour guides to make your tour holidays in Nepal awesome. You can do your tour at any seasons in Nepal according to the weather and temperature. And we are always flexible to answer your queries at any time suitable for you. Please, feel free to contact us.