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Highlights of Bungmati Khokana Tour

  • Escape the city noise and crowd.
  • See typical Newar towns, lifestyles, and daily activities of the locals.
  • Visit ancient religious sites.
  • know about ancient history
  • crossing a suspension bridge
  • Newari art and architecture

About Bungmati Khokana Tour

The Bungmati and Khukana tour covers two different typical Newar towns: Bungmati and Khokana. These traditional Newar towns are around 16 km south of Thamel, where you can reach them in about an hour's drive. These places have farmers, and the people have been staying here since the Lichchhive period. Check out the information about these towns below:


Bungmati is in Lalitpur, a sub-metropolitan city in the Kathmandu Valley. The Lichchhivi King Amsumvarma settled the town in 605 with the Kailashkut palace building. The earliest name of Bungmati was Bugayumingrama. The name came from the Kiratian dialect ‘Bugayumi’, which means even the settlement in the Kirat period. The Malla named this town Bungapattan, and it is also called Amarapur (a religious place).

You see traditional lifestyles, wood carvings, Newar architecture, religious temples, and more while visiting Bungmati. There is a huge Bhairav Temple, which is dedicated to the protective god of the town. A small temple of Machhindranath is close to the Bhairav Temple, where the god Machhindranath remains for 6 months and is brought to Patan for another 6 months.


Khokana is another small Newar town that is close to Bungmati. A suspension bridge connects these two different places, but there is also the driving road. You can see one of the most famous and religious Ganesh temples (Karyabinayak) in Khokana. After visiting Karyabinayak Temple, you walk into the town, where you see numerous ancient religious Hindu temples.

You see people working on the farm while visiting Bungmati and Khokana, a traditional oil mill, ducks walking around the town, and more, which probably have not been seen before anywhere. The villagers celebrate a creepy festival in Khokana. They put a young female goat inside a pond and pulled the goat by many people.

Our Bungmati Khokana tour begins at 9:00 a.m. from your hotel. We provide private transport and an expert tour guide who can explain the tour sites, history, culture, religion, and more. This village tour in Kathmandu takes you out of crowds and noise for a few hours and shows the traditional Newar lifestyle and daily activities.

There are fewer tourists compared to other tour sites in Kathmandu Valley, so if you are looking for a typical tour where you can see a different lifestyle than the city in a peaceful environment, the Bungmati Khokana tour can be an ideal destination for you.

Cost Details

  • Private transport
  • Experienced, knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide
  • Monument entry fees
  • Salary, food, and drink for the guide and driver
  • Government TAX
  • Lunch, drinks and your shopping
  • Tips for guide and driver
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