Safety and Security

Safety is the most important matter, especially while you are travelling on the mountain. Trekking is not only walking from one place to another and reach to the base camps, enjoying the view and taking photos is good for the memories as the best souvenir from Nepal. While taking pictures of the nice sceneries you have to be sure if you are secure. The unique transportation of Himalaya the Mules, Yaks, Jokpes and the regular porters with may come closer and can push to the cliff by mistake. You need to be always on the safe side. Somewhere you may see the things that can be something at the bottom of the cliff, shouldn't go too close to the cliff. During the trekking, some wild or domestic animals can be moving upwards and you would be walking lower, the stones may fall from over. Always be careful while you will be walking and taking pictures of them from the straight angle is not the smart idea to be on the side and take pictures. Higher places in the mountain are windy and icy so wind can move the stones and when ice starts to melt after sun then rocks and some ice can drop from the top, so you have to be careful in all the time. Crossing small stream and walking on the wet trail early morning will be slippery with ice so have to be careful.  Leaving the value outside of your room at night may not be safe so always keep them in your room and if you go to the bathroom during the night always inform to your friend as safety always matters. 

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