About Bungee Jump in Nepal

The bungee jump is one of the adventure activities of Nepal. There are long and short length bungee jump in Nepal. The long length one is located in eastern Nepal (near Tibet border) and short is in Pokhara. The long one is the 160m jump from the Bridge of Bhote Koshi River. After about 3 hours drive, you will reach to the Last Resort where the highest bungee of Nepal is located. The suspension bridge for bungee was made by private investors. Specially managed for bungee jump with 41500 kg holding capacities.

There are some different packages for you according to your time and desire. We organize one-day bungee jump tour, bungee and cannoning, bungee with Bhote Koshi Adventure River rafting and cannoning into the waterfall. This adventure trip in Nepal will be your unforgettable Nepal experience.