About Special Trek in Nepal

All the trekking in Nepal is special trekking trails to see the mountain and many other things. There are some special trekking areas; it doesn’t mean those trekking trails have special sceneries. It is according to the restricted zones where you can only enter with a special trekking permit. Those areas have easy access to Tibet are the restricted trekking trails. Only a few tourists dare to pay the high cost to the permit, those people visit the restricted trekking area. So cause of expensive permit the volume of tourists is less in this area than normal trekking trails. Some trekking areas have well managed about lodging and food menu and some are not but you still have places to spend the nights. To do these type of trekking in Nepal you must have a long vacation (minimum 3 weeks). Upper Mustang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Nar- Phu and Dolpo area are the special trekking trails of Nepal. Mustang, Dolpo and Nar-Phu trekking can be done monsoon season too but some others only during the high trekking seasons.

The people of special trekking trails are mostly Tibetan looking with a similar language with Tibetan. Religion, lifestyle and architectures also similar to Tibetan in special trekking trails. The people have very easy access to Tibet, so they buy the stuff from Tibet for their daily uses mainly. High Himalayan farmers are in these areas they grow potatoes, buckwheat and different seasonal vegetables. Yak, sheep and domestic mountain goat are the animals they feed on meat and milk. People make yak cheese dry and soft by yak milk. The people are Buddhist, so they don't kill animals. If any animal falls from the edge and die then they use meat. Wool and skin of local animals are usable for clothing and mats for flooring.

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