Food Drink and Accommodation

Food and Drinks: All foods and beverages are hygienically mustered in the camps. All the foods are good to have if they are warm, except meat. There are many food items in every lodge that you can choose from the main course. The cooks are trained but well experienced in cooking the food items. We recommend having local foods to support the local economy and farming which are hygienic and organic. If you have local food, it will help to control the pollution in the mountain. Dal Bhat is the local food with lentil soup, rice, and mixed veg. Curry, pickle, and papadam. It is a complete meal, so if you are starving, you better have it. There are bakeries for the bred, so you can enjoy having bread with coffee. Before ordering food, please kindly inform the guide if you are allergic.

You must have dinner and breakfast in the lodge where you stay, and the lunch stop will be from one camp to another. Tap water using purification tablets is good to drink if the water has not been dusted. Water may not be clean in higher places, so you better buy mineral water there. Tea, coffee, and hot chocolates are available everywhere, and somewhere you can find warm hot beverages made by the coffee machine. Powder milk is the leading milk in the mountain, so that it can harm your stomach. Drinking hot drinks with milk is not recommended. Better to be vegetarian in trekking cause the meat should not be fresh everywhere. Drinking any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. It may bring altitude sickness to you. After returning from the base camp, you can drink if you would like. And for the homestay trip, you will mainly have local Nepali foods. They are organic and healthy. Serve hygienically.

Accommodations: Lodges/Guest houses and tea house hotels are minimum standard level in the mountain with twin sharing or single rooms. They are comfortable and clean. You will get one blanket or quilt each. The bathrooms are standard sharing in most of the places, but they are inside the building. And you may have attached bathroom accommodation in some areas. You may have to sleep somewhere in dormitory rooms if the lodges are packed during the high seasons. And you will have a Tented or clean sleeping place in the local house with local people on a homestay trip.

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