About Helicopter Tour in Nepal

The helicopter tour is the luxury and adventure tour in Nepal. To get to close within an hour to the high mountains of Nepal, Heli Tour could be the best option. To see some big and nice massif Himalayas of Nepal, green hills, terraces, rural villages, valleys and religious/ historical monuments from the short distance, the Helicopter tour is one of the best. A helicopter tour will be suitable for those people with having a short period of holiday, physically not able to walk for a few hours to see the mountain and really interested to see mountains. Helicopter Tour will be an interesting tour for Business tourists, people who are for the seminar, honeymoon couple and documentary making. The helicopter tour is one of the mountain flights in Nepal. Helicopter tour brings you very fast and safe to any mountain base camps.

There are several Helicopter Tours as getting to the Mountain Base Camps, Mountain Flights and rather taking regular flights or ground transportations to the starting point of any trekking trails. Flying with the helicopter is for unusual weather too.  Heli tour is becoming a popular luxury tour in Nepal. There are 2 different types of helicopters in the private sector. They manufactured euro-copter. One of them is:

  • With 6 people seated (including the pilot).
  •  Low land support weight is 1400kg.
  • Landing capacity is up to 7000m.
  • Maximum take-off capacity is 2250kg.
  • The empty load is 1285 kg.
  • Inter load is 900 kg.

And the other helicopter is powerful and big Russian made. This helicopter can fly with 22 passengers. This helicopter can fly up to 5000m. They offer advantage and genuine with superb conditions. This helicopter is usually used for bigger charter group or cargo.

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