bright view of ganesh himal from suryachaur during suryachaur to tinpiple hike.
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Highlights of Suryachaur to Tinpiple Hike

  • Walking into untouched nature
  • Seeing wildlife and vegetation
  • Blooming cherry blossoms in autumn and rhododendrons in spring
  • A long-range view of white mountains
  • Visiting religious monuments
  • Traditional villages, valleys, captivating landscapes, farming terraces, green hills, and more

About Suryachaur to Tinpiple Hike

Suryachaur Tinpiple Hike is the most effortless walking journey into the fresh nature near Kathmandu Valley. Everyone who loves to escape into the green countryside by walking comfortably can go on this trip. The hiking route is north of Kathmandu, where you can see eye-captivating views of white mountains, green hills, valleys, wildlife, vegetation, religious monuments, and more.

The Suryachour to Tinpiple walking journey is a phenomenal nature trip that suits all excursionists, including family and beginners. This pristine nature walking journey offers memorable experiences of walking through the green forests, seeing pristine Himalayas, traditional settlements, captivating landscapes, charming wildlife, terraced farmlands, and lots more attractions in one day so that it can be a combination trip of nature and culture at the same time.

Suryachour, also known as Suirechaur, is the best viewpoint of the Suryachaur Tinpiple Hike. Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal, and Gauri Shankar massifs in one line with typical villages, valleys, and farming lands look fantastic from the Suryachaur.

Hiking from Suryachaur to Tinpiple starts at the Gurje Bhanjyang Army check-post after driving for about 45 minutes from the city center. Going to Suryachour in the morning is best because the mountains are bright and clear without clouds. The clouds lift after intense sun heat from the valleys and cover the Himalayas.

After seeing scenic views from Suryachaur, the trip returns to Gurje Bhanjyaj for half an hour. Then, it takes right into the forest for around 3 hours to Tarakeshwor Temple. There are numerous view stations in Kathmandu Valley while walking on the Suryachaut to Tinpiple route. Tarakeshwor Mahadev and Bhuwaneshwori temples are famous Hindu sites from Suirechour to Tinpiple.

Suryachaur-Tinpiple Hiking Routes

The shortest and easiest route to Suryachaur-Tinpiple is to drive to Gurje Bhanjyang, walk to Suirechaur, and trek to Tinpiple. For this, you go by private or public transport to Gurjebhanjyang from Kathmandu, which takes around 45 minutes; visit Suryachour; and walk to Tinpiple through pine, oak, chestnut, rhododendron, Himalayan cherry, and more trees in the forest. While viewing Kathmandu Valley, you will pass an army base on your way to Tinpiple and encounter some wild animals.

Suryachaur to Tinpiple is the best route for beginners and families who like to take a comfortable walk in the freshness of nature. This route has no climbing hills, so first-time hikers can easily walk on this trail.

Suppose you want to make it more adventurous by going on ascending trails. In that case, you can start walking from Tinpiple by visiting Bhuwaneshwori and Tarakeshwor Temples before you hike to Suryachaur via the jungle.

Suppose you are a regular hiker who wants to make the Suryachaur-Tinpiple hike longer. In that case, you start walking from Kakani, trek to Suirechaur, and go to Tinpiple after a lunch break in local inns in Suryachour. You will have a whole-day nature walk from Kakani to Suryachaur to Tinpiple.

Best Time for Suryachaur to Tinpiple Hike

You can hike from Suryachaur to Tinpiple all year, but autumn and spring are the best times for this day trip. The autumn months, from September to December, offer the most significant weather conditions, and the views are the most transparent. You can see blooming cherry blossoms in November beautifully on this route and rhododendrons in spring.

In winter, hiking on the Suryachaur to Tinpiple route through Tarakeshwor is also the right time. In the morning, you can still see white mountains, but the Kathmandu Valley might have fog in the winter. The walking trail is wide with very few grasses and bushes, so you can even go on this one-day walking trip in the summer. Still, the trail can be slippery somewhere, and you must take rain gear before you go on the Suirechaur Tinpiple Hiking trip.

Thighs to Carry and Equipment to Wear for Suryachaur to Tinpiple Hike

Take some day snacks and at least two water bottles before you hike from Suryachaur to Tinpiple. You can only get a few things in Suirechaur, so we recommend taking them from Kathmandu. However, water and some essential snacks are available in Suryachour too.

We suggest wearing light and comfortable trekking pants and shirts according to the climate for Suryachaur to Tinpiple Hiking. If you are on this day trip in the winter, wear a warm jacket and take rain cover for the summer.

We here at Frolic Adventure are operating a day hike from Suryachaur to Tinpiple every day from Kathmandu. We offer a friendly and experienced English-speaking hiking guide at the best cost, which takes you to the untouched nature of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and brings you back safely to your hotel or home. You can book this one-day nature trip with us at any time by contacting us through email or WhatsApp at +9779851043624.


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After breakfast in your hotel, you will meet our hiking guide, who comes with private transport and driver, and then drive to Gurje Bhanjyang through Tokha Road. You will be off the car in Gurjebhanjyang and then start walking to Suryachaur. You will have magnificent views of massive snow-capped mountains in one long line, typical settlements, valleys, farming lands, and more from the open space of Suirechaur.

After a short break in Suryachaur, you walk back on the same trail to Gurje Bhanjyang and then take a right into the forest. You will cross an army base before you reach Tarakeshwor Temple. You will see a magnificent view of Kathmandu Valley while walking on this route, and you can take a drive back to Kathmandu from Tinpiple.

  • Place: Suryachaur
  • Altitude: 1970m/6463.2 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Private car,van/bus
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am

Cost Details

  • Private Car/Van/Bus from Kathmandu-Gurje Bhanjyang-Kathmandu
  • Experienced and friendly hiking guide
  • Salary, food, drink, and insurance for the hiking guide
  • All government taxes
  • Your travel insurance
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Things that are not in the inclusion section


Trip DatesAvailabilityNotesPrice  
01 Sep, 2024 - 01 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
02 Sep, 2024 - 02 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
03 Sep, 2024 - 03 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
04 Sep, 2024 - 04 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
05 Sep, 2024 - 05 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
06 Sep, 2024 - 06 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
07 Sep, 2024 - 07 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
08 Sep, 2024 - 08 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
09 Sep, 2024 - 09 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
10 Sep, 2024 - 10 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
11 Sep, 2024 - 11 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
12 Sep, 2024 - 12 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
13 Sep, 2024 - 13 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
14 Sep, 2024 - 14 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
15 Sep, 2024 - 15 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
16 Sep, 2024 - 16 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
17 Sep, 2024 - 17 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
18 Sep, 2024 - 18 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
19 Sep, 2024 - 19 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
20 Sep, 2024 - 20 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
21 Sep, 2024 - 21 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
22 Sep, 2024 - 22 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
23 Sep, 2024 - 23 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
24 Sep, 2024 - 24 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
25 Sep, 2024 - 25 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
26 Sep, 2024 - 26 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
27 Sep, 2024 - 27 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
28 Sep, 2024 - 28 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
29 Sep, 2024 - 29 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
30 Sep, 2024 - 30 Sep, 2024GuaranteedUS$70
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