About Student Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a Natural school to know about culture, nature and history. Nepal is a country with natural diversity. There are several short and easy trekking trails for school and university students. Some long treks also can be done by students. Those long treks are dedicated to university students but students should be physically fit. Student's trip usually organized in the group tour. Some students from the group may not be able to go higher elevation and school and college may not have a long vacation. Then we have some suitable trekking packages for the students. Vacations for the students are not only for fun. Our school trips are for fun and learn both. We have some student's tour packages but we can make any offerable packages which are mentioned by the school or organizer. We do very good care of the students. From the arrival to departure all the time we will be monitoring to students then it will be easier for the teachers too. Students are away from home, some of them might be homesick but we never make feeling homesick for them. We do singing and dancing as Nepali folk songs then students can enjoy their Nepal stay very well. Ghorepani Poon hill student's tour or Chisapani Nagarkot students tour are the perfect educational tours in Nepal for the students. These are in lower elevation altitude with beautiful green forest. 4 nights 5 days school trip is the short and easy tour and another 7 nights 8 days normal and easy student educational tour is another attractive student's tour in Nepal.

5 nights 6 days educational tour is around Kathmandu valley. Students can learn about Newari culture, religion and about the national park. 8 nights 9 days educational tour starts from Pokhara. Students can learn about Gurung culture, about Gurkha soldiers, Annapurna conservation area and see beautiful mountains from both tours. Frolic Adventure offers these tours for students with friendly environment and safety guaranteed.