About Kanchenjunga Trek

Mount. Kanchenjunga (8586m.) is the second highest mountain of Nepal. Kanchenjunga lies in an eastern part of Nepal closer to Sikkim. Kanchenjunga is one of the restricted areas in Nepal. Kanchenjunga conservation was established in1997. Kanchenjunga covers 2035sq2 km. Green forest, rivers, waterfalls and higher lakes are in this conservation. Snow leopard, red panda and birds are found in this region. There are an innumerable ethnic group of people are staying in Kanchenjunga trekking route. Mount Kanchenjunga is also known as Yalung which is a sacred mountain. Hinduism in hilly and Buddhism in the mountain area is the main religion in Kanchenjunga trek. Many different types of rhododendrons bloom in Kanchenjunga conservation area. Tea and cardamom are the main income of the people. Mountain, Limbu culture, vegetation, monasteries, mani walls, wildlife, Himalayan yak, river valley, glacial lakes and many more are the most attractive sceneries of the region. Kanchenjunga is rich for Medicinal herbs from higher land. The main income of the people of this region is cardamom. You better to try Tongba and Chyang somewhere, they are the local and popular drink of Kanchenjunga trekking.

There are two base camps of the mount. Kanchenjunga south base camp and north base camp. Kanchenjunga circuit trekking itinerary and two different base camp itineraries are available trekking trails of Kanchenjunga trekking. The south base camp trek is quite undeveloped trekking area than the north but you still have places to spend the nights and foods. Kanchenjunga trekking is quite far from Kathmandu so there are fewer tourists visit this trek than others. To make Kanchenjunga trek, you need to long drive from Kathmandu to Taplejung/ Basantapur or fly to Suketar.

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