About Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country between India and China. India borders south, east, and west, and China borders to the north. The total area of Nepal holds 0.03 percent of the world. It is not a big country, but it has a long history. Nepal is known as the Himalayan nation. Nepal has eight highest mountains above 8 thousand meters out of 14 worldwide. More people are Hindu in the country, and the second is Buddhism. There is some other religion too. Nepal is tolerating country. There are 125 ethnic groups and 123 different languages spoken in the country. But the official language is Nepali. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. The total population is about 26.6 million. Ten historical world heritage sites are in the country. Nepal is also rich in Nature, with green forests and rivers.

Apart from mountains, there are festivals, culture, foods, Terraces, wildlife, rural lifestyle, fossils, flora, and many more features in Nepal. Nepal is a multi-culture, temperature, and climate country. The lowest elevation is 60 degrees, and the highest is 8848m. Nepal has centuries of a long history; in ancient times, only Kathmandu valley was Known as Nepal. After the 18th century, the country was unified by King Prithvi Narayan Shaha, king of the Gorkha state. Neal is also a peaceful country, and Nepal keeps the same relationship with every country. Nepal is also known as the land of Buddha, where the Lord Buddha was born.

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