About Mustang Trek

Mustang is one district of Nepal from out of 75. Mustang is known as a country behind the Himalayas. Once in the history, Mustang was a separate kingdom and in latter 18th, the Mustang attached to the central kingdom of Nepal and was getting honour and all kind of royal facilities from the central government. After 2008, when monarchy has gone then no more facilities are getting for Mustang king but still, the king is an honour of people of the Mustang. About 1500 people are staying in Mustang. The Mustang has been divided into two parts as upper Mustang and lower Mustang. Mustang is in the Annapurna area. People more like Tibetan from upper Mustang and Thakali from the lower Mustang. Before 1992 foreign visitors were not allowed to visit this area then after tourist can travel to this region with the special (restricted) permit which is the issue by immigration of Nepal government. Lower Mustang is known as the capital of delicious apple. Thakali food is the mouth-watering Nepali food. Apple cider, brandy, apple pie and many more foods and drinks to try. For the transport, you can get into mustang by flight or by overland.

Mustang is known as the high Himalayan desert with very fewer trees. Mustang trek goes through Kaligandaki valley, which is known deepest valley of the world and windy valley. Culturally different this area has lots of old monasteries, mane walls and other Buddhist monuments. Festivals, polyandry marriage system and sky burial are the strange matter for the visitors.

Frolic Adventure offers some tour and trek packages to upper and lower Mustang. Upper Mustang trek might be expensive in some way cause of restricted area permit but is an outstanding trekking region. We organize the mustang tour by the private vehicle which can be chipper then doing trekking. And we make the itinerary for the cycling tour to Mustang.