About Tibet

Tibet is one of the beautiful places for travellers to travel. It is known as a high mountain desert. Tibetan name for Tibet is Bod or Bhot. It means a high mountain plateau. Tibet was one kingdom at an earlier age. It is invaded by China in 1950. The total area of Tibet is 1.228 million squares Km and the total population of the people is 3.18 million according to the census of 2014. The main religion of Tibet is Buddhism but there are the people who are practising Bon religion too. All the people in Tibet were practising Bon religion in the past age. When Padmasambhava went into Tibet then he said to the people about Buddhism and people started following Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is the fusion of Bon and Buddhism. They have their own Language and speak the Chinese language too. The Tibetan language is spoken in some part of Nepal, Bhutan and India.  There are more than 800 settlements in Tibet. Lhasa is the traditional capital and the capital city of Tibet autonomous region.  Tibet has three world heritage sites of UNESCO including Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka.

There are many tourist attractions and sites to visit. There are short to one week Lhasa tour, two to three weeks Kailash Manasarovar tour, Everest Base camp Tour, Tibet Overland Tour, Tibet cycling tour, Tibet Historical Tour, Festival tour and many more tours are in Tibet. Tour to Tibet will be easier and chipper from Nepal. Every year thousands of tourist visit Tibet through Nepal. Losar is the main festival of Tibet. They celebrate this festival as a Tibetan New Year according to the Tibetan calendar. 

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