About Homestay tour in Nepal

Nepal is a country with highly suitable for memorable tours.  Except for trekking, climbing, white rafting and climbing, there many things to do in Nepal. Nepal has more villages than the city. To feel real Nepal and understand Nepali culture and the rural lifestyle, it is the best idea to do some homestay tours. There are different village homestay tours according to different ethnic people with their traditional culture.

Along with the exploration of the heritage sites, you can enjoy travelling to different villages and explore the local lifestyles. To know the typical lifestyles of the Nepali people, you have to visit different villages. The cultural pattern of the people in different villages of Nepal will be projected. There are several villages that are worth to explore but is unknown to the world. Hospitality is in their heart that overcomes the materialism and commercialism. People in the village mostly engage in agricultural productions. They eat hygienic foods. The organic fruits and vegetables are available in villages. Though they have less contact with the people of other culture, they spend a happy life. Village tours offer you a wonderful village experience in Nepal. Instead of highly comfortable facilities, you live with local families and share your experiences with them. Homestay village tours are not only to feel rural life. You will see the wonderful Himalayan range, farming field, valley and many more… Sirubari homestay village tour, a

Ankhukhola home stay fishing tour, GhalegauGurungng village homestay tour and some other homestay tours are the featuring homestay tours in Nepal. Try these homestay tours in Nepal then what can be more precious than that?

 Frolic Adventure is one of the best tour companies who always try to promote Nepali rural areas to outsiders and gain the economic conditions of rural people of Nepal. Always remember us for these mind-blowing homestay village tours.