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Highlights of Chitlang Kulekhani Tour

  • Stay with local family at a homestay place
  • See the goat cheese factory and taste it
  • Explore Nepalese village lifestyle and farmer's daily activities
  • Magnificent view of the layers of green hills
  • A short hiking experience through ship farm
  • Visit tranquil Indra Sarovar Lake and boat on it
  • Escape in a quiet environment and go out of the city noise

About Chitlang Kulekhani Tour

Chitlang and Kulekhani Tour is a night and two-day refreshment trip near Kathmandu. It is a typical village and a tranquil lake visit. If you are stressed staying in a noisy city with lots of pressure from busy work and want to be refreshed by visiting fresh nature and seeing the typical lifestyle of the countryside, a tour to Kulekhani via Chitlang and Markhu can be one of the best visits.

Tour to Chitlang Kulekhani is a less famous travel destination among external visitors than mountain regions. Still, it can be an exceptional experience for tourists. The visitors will get a warm welcome in a typical homestay and great hospitality in Chitlang. Also, you can visit the first artificial, big Indrasarovar Lake in Markhu Kulekhani on this trip.

A short two-hour hike from Chitlang to Markhu is an incredible journey through traditional villages. This route shows captivating landscapes, farming terraces, green hills, and a village lifestyle. You will also see a big ship farm (Bhedi Goth) while you walk from Chitlang to Markhu Kulekhani.

What Can I Expect from the Chitlang-Kulekhani Tour?

Travelers have different wills and expectations wherever they travel. For people who plan to visit Nepal, the first things that come to mind is the Himalayas with snow-capped high mountains. You won't see white peaks while touring to Chitlang-Pharping. Still, you will have other natural and cultural attractions, as well as more on the Chitlang-Markhu-Khulekhani Tour. Check the general information about the things you explore and see during this mesmerizing homestay trip in Nepal.

Chitlang Village and Homestay Experience

Around 29.5 km/18.33 miles south of Kathmandu Valley, Chitlang is north of Makawanpur District in Nepal. It is an old Newr Town at 1835m/6020 feet from sea level. There is easy access to drive, and you can reach it by public bus or private transport within two hours from Kathmandu. Alternatively, you can walk from Chandragiri Cable Car station to Chitlang via Chandragiri Hills.

You can stay in a homestay with family or at a resort in Chitlang after you reach it. You will get a warm welcome from the host in the homestay place and be served traditional snacks with goat cheese. Chitlang has Nepal's first goat cheese factory. This village has many apricot, plum, and pear farms. After the snacks, you can go for a village walk to see traditional buildings with Newar Art and architecture.

You will have an excellent time chatting with the host in the evening, having a small campfire, and having a barbecue. You can taste the locally made pear, plum, apricot wine or brandy with barbecue. While getting local taste and experience, you can even play some typical Nepali Music and dance with family. After all, you will have a typical dinner (the Nepali Thali Set) and stay overnight in a homestay place.

Hike to Markhu/Kulekhani Through Traditional Village

A short hike to Markhu/Kulekhani from Chitlang for around two hours through a traditional village is an incredible journey. You will see exceptional landscapes, layers of green hills, farming terraces, and more typical things on the hiking route. You can see the farmers working on the farm, which can be impressive to see the local lifestyle and daily activity. This easy walk goes through untouched nature, where you can see many pine, rhododendrons, and others. A three-sixty-degree view of magnificent landscapes from Ship Farm (Bhedi Chaur) is also one of the exciting attractions. At the same time, you hike from Chitlang to Markhu/Pharping.

Boating on Indra Sarovar Lake

Indra Sarovar, or Indra Sarobhar, is the largest artificial lake in Nepal. It is around 41.5km/25.7 miles south of Kathmandu in Makawanpur district. The lake is for a hydroelectric project, which is for emergency use if there is a lack of power during some special occasions like Laxmi Puja and other festivals.

You can boat on this lake in Markhu or Kulekhani. There are wooden and machine boats you can hire for a time base and explore magnificent nature views with adventure boating experience in Indrasovar Lake. After the boating, you can have Lunch in Markhu and then walk to Kulekhani for around half an hour.

Best Time for Chitlang and Kulekhani Tour

You can travel to Chitlang and Kulekhani all around the year. The sceneries will be charming, with dark greenery from June to September. Also, the Indra Sarovar Lake will be significant, with more water flow than in the dry spring season. However, you will see nicely blooming rhododendrons in the forests around Kulekhani and Chitlang.

If you would like to trek to Chitlang and Kulekhani, autumn from October to December and spring from March to May are the best times. These trekking seasons have no rainy days with perfect visibility. You can also see magnificent mountain views while trekking to Chandragiri Hill on the first day before visiting Chitlang.

Visiting Bhedi Chaur from Chitlang to Markhu is the best in monsoon. The ground looks amazingly green with eye-captivating surroundings. Traveling to Chitlang and Kulekhani from Kathmandu has favorable and smooth temperatures.

At Frolic Adventure, we operate the Chitlang and Kulekhani Tour at the best cost in Kathmandu daily. We also arrange private cars, jeeps, vans, or buses from Kathmandu Chitlang and Kulekhani. Our guide safely takes you to these typical places and provides authentic information with friendly behavior.


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Today, you drive in a public bus from Kathmandu to Chitlang, which takes around 2 hours on a rough road. Check-in at the homestay place when you get off the bus in Chitlang. The host will welcome you well, show you your place to sleep, and offer traditional snacks. After snacks, you go for a village walk and see typical buildings with Newar architect buildings. You also see people working on the farm while visiting the town. After walking around town, you will return to the homestay place, have dinner, and stay overnight.

  • Meals: Snacks+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Homestay
  • Place: Chitlang
  • Altitude: 1385m/6020 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Public Bus
  • Departure Time: 2:00 PM

You will have a typical breakfast in the homestay and walk to Markhu through the traditional village and Bhedi Chaur. You will see pristine views of the layers of green hills and captivating landscapes along the way today. Once you reach Markhu, you can go by boat to Indrasarovar Lake and then have Lunch. After Lunch, you can walk to Kulekhani through the lakeside for half an hour after taking the bus ticket to Kathmandu. You wait for the bus in Kulekhani, which leaves from Markhu at 2 pm. It takes around three hours to get to Kathmandu from Kulekhani. You will have an off-road drive for the first hour and meet Kathmandu Hedauda main road, which is pitch.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch
  • Accommodation: None
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1350m/4429 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Public Bus
  • Departure Time: 2:00 PM

Cost Details

  • Public Bus from Kathmandu to Chitlang and Kulekhani to Kathmandu
  • Friendly and experienced tour guide
  • Lunch, dinner, breakfast, and homestay accommodation in Chitlang
  • Lunch in Markhu
  • Salary, food, drink, and insurance for the guide
  • All Government TAX
  • Food, drink, and accommodation in the city
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the tour
  • Your personal expenses and shopping cost
  • Boating charge for Indra Sarovar
  • Other activities like zipline and more
  • Tips for guide and driver
  • Things that are not in the included section



Useful Info

How Safe is Driving to Chitlang from Kathmandu?

After you cross Chandragiri, you will drive on a rough road until Chitlang. It depends on when you are on this road. It is bumpy but entirely safe in the dry season from October to May. Regular cars, trucks, jeeps, vans, and buses can drive during the dry season on this road, but it will be sleepy in monsoon. Drivin in a four-wheel vehicle is better in summer on this rough road. Also, the road after Kulekhani to Kathmandu for the first hour is the same.

Are there lodges and resorts in Chitlang if I don't Want to Stay in Homestay?

Yes, some luxury resorts and basic lodges have a food menu in Chitlang. If you are interested in staying in those luxury places rather than a homestay place, you have the options. You can even reach Markhu or Kulekhani directly to stay from Kathmandu, passing Chitlang Village, if you want to spend a longer time in Kulekhani.

How Safe Boating in Kulekhani Indra Sarovar?

It is safe for boating in Kulekhani Indra Sarovar Lake. You will get a life jacket and helmet for machine and regular paddle boats. Also, there are rescue boats for any accidental things near each boat stand in Kulekhani.

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