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Adventure tourism comes with its excitement; the team at Frolic has not only accepted this fact but embraced it with total commitment.

The dedicated founders came together when they needed a company that delivered an authentic, safe service. Frolic was established in June of 2016, but the founders were in the business providing an experience for much longer than that; with over two decades of combined experience, Frolic is quickly becoming a sought-after adventure travel company. Our vision to empower the local economy and promote Nepali living, often filled with playfulness and laughter, has led to more than a thousand satisfied customers. Our clients seem to enjoy the flexibility with which we conduct our work, ensuring an open and healthy flow of dialogue where we can solve their every query regarding the trips, no matter how small. In addition to this, our clients also enjoy carefully designed itineraries by experts, which include both famous destinations and off-beat paths for a unique experience.

We believe that no travel is complete without a heavy dose of culture, and we promise to deliver you just that. Traveling in the remote areas of Nepal, we focus on promoting the diversity and rich heritage many of these areas offer. With us, the companionship of breathtaking scenic beauty and local hospitality that is authentic and pure go hand in hand. Our objective in doing this is simple, to have you experience Nepal the right way, the Nepali Way. These exchanges with our local community not only help our clients bond with locals and share their culture but also allows for a sustainable sharing of development. Many of the locals in this area are making a living due to this exchange, and we are proud to say that Frolic has played a significant role in making this a possibility.

Apart from our genuine concern for our community, we also focus on your safety. Our guides are constantly monitored throughout their trip to ensure that the service and security we provide you are of A grade. Additionally, we are always prepared with safety briefings to allow you to stay informed and ready for the exciting journey you are embarking on! Frolic Treks and Expedition organizes tours, trekking, peak climbing, adventure tourism, and other exciting trips in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

We are committed and dedicated to making your Nepal holidays memorable. Join us for your next holiday in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan!

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