Trekking Season in Nepal

Mainly there are two different trekking seasons in Nepal. Autumn (September to November) is most busy as it is the best trekking season. The weather is usually clearer this season; the sky is clear, and the panoramic views of the Himalayas and hills are crystal clear even at distances. The temperature will decrease this season, so it is lovely temperate cold, neither cold as December nor warm as June/July. You need to have warmer clothing for this season. Most of the places on higher land will be icy. Spring (March to May) is Nepal's best trekking season. It will be less cold than in autumn, with more greenery and blooming flowers in the forest this season. It sometimes snows at Highland, but it won't be hard. The Himalayas are as beautiful, but clouds are more active this spring. Flowers bloom this time, and most of the forest on trekking trails will be very colorful. Some trekking trails can be made during monsoon time. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo are dry areas, so that you can trek these trails even during monsoon. Short Trekking near Kathmandu and Day Hikes can also be done yearly in Nepal. Winter is a good time for lowland trekking and Safari in Nepal.

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