Why with Frolic Adventure

Flexible Work Culture

Traveling must be a liberating experience, so we engage in a flexible working environment where you can continue dialogue with us. This makes your travel fun and allows us to add another role we play in your travel experience, of a companion and a friend.

Sustainable Economic Growth

The impact of tourism is not lost on our co-founders, who themselves struggled economically until they became part of an industry; we want this positive effect to keep growing. Hence, the heart of our company falls on promoting local products and services to empower those we pass by on our trips.

Introduce You to the Nepali Way

Many envy the Nepali way of living for its simplified outlook on life; as our trips proceed, we ensure you get a taste of this beautiful simplicity. We put particular focus on educating you about our culture by allowing you to interact with the diversity of food and heritage this country offers.

Quality Assurance

Our staff members are constantly monitored on their performance, resulting in our company has one of the most skilled workforces, emotionally and physically. Also, our itineraries go through a rigorous quality check process where we test out their practice and give you a balanced experienced filled with adventure and panoramic views.

Family Friendly

Traveling is better when done with family. Hence we have special packages catered just to them. These packages are designed in a manner that allows for the inclusion of most age groups and are fun-filled adventures worth sharing with your loved ones.

Honesty is Key

As with traveling in such areas, you can expect few challenges. Our job is not to lie about these challenges but effectively guide you through them. Frolic practices 100% transparency in our travel; we debrief our clients so they can trust us and be prepared for the adrenaline-filled journey. Honesty has gotten us to win the hearts of many, and we are sure we can win yours too.

Customer Care Experts

Our social media pages and phone lines are always open to your queries. Most of our staff members are well versed in English to provide you with any assistance if needed. Our customer care motto is to practice patience with our clients so they can have a relaxed booking experience.

Community Service Focused

As Frolic activities economically benefit the local business owners, our community service currently aids the local children. To start a chain of welfare, our company has been actively involved in building schools and volunteering services. We believe that by empowering the children today, they can contribute and form a more powerful tourism industry in the future.

Trained and Smart Guides

Quick on their feet as a guide should be, our trained workforce is well equipped to handle different group sizes in expeditions ranging from easy to complex. Our guides are certified and driven to deliver the absolute best; apart from the immense knowledge of the skill of trekking, they also embody a great passion for traveling. This is why most of our guides become great travel companions to our fellow travelers, wearing different roles as you move forward: guide, friend, and motivator.

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