About Day Tour in Nepal

Besides the adventure activities and trekking, there are many things to do in Nepal. There are lots of day tours in Kathmandu valley and outside of the valley.  Cultural tours, hiking tours, village tours, mountain biking tours, sightseeing tours, fishing tours, homestay tours, family tours, bike tours, white water rafting tours, educational tours, jungle safari tours, sport tours, historical tours, heritage tours, pilgrimage tours, yoga meditation tours, photography tours, business tours, seminar tours, sunrise tours, trekking tours, helicopter tours, volunteer tours, kayaking tours and much more… are the live tour packages in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the bio-diversity, historical and culturally rich country, where you have plenty of options for the day tours. There are 10 world heritage sites and national parks for your dedicated tours. Kathmandu valley is one of the best day tour destinations in Nepal for Nepalese art and architecture. Hindu and Buddhist monuments, pagoda architecture, traditional water supply taps and mythical temples are featuring attractions of Kathmandu day tour. Nepali craftsmanship for wooden work and icon are very attractive. The locals of Kathmandu are Newar. They are culturally rich for festivals. Living goddess of Kathmandu is one of the most interesting to see and worship. There are hiking day tours also around in Kathmandu. Champadevi day hiking tour, Nagarkot Changnarayan hiking day tour, Shivapuri Nagarjun hiking day tour, Bungmati Khokana day tour and many more day tours can be done in Kathmandu valley. Besides the Kathmandu valley, there are some day tours in Pokhara. Sunrise tour, Pokhara city day tour and boating on the lakes tour are really worthy day tours in Pokhara Nepal. Jungle safari tour in Chitwan and Buddhist pilgrimage tour to Lumbini is another day tour activity in Nepal.

Frolic Adventure manages all the day tours in Nepal to limited time holders and other interested day tour lovers.