mt. fishtail and mardi himal with the first sunlight in the morning on short mardi himal trek - 3 days
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Highlights of Short Mardi Himal Trek

  • Drive on the hillside road with magnificent views of high mountains, green hills, and captivating landscapes.
  • Walking inside fresh nature, seeing colorful flowers, and listening to the melodious sounds of the birds
  • Reaching very close to the high snow-capped white mountains
  • Unblocked sunrise and night light of Pokhara City
  • Feel real Adventure from the Himalayan trip
  • Seeing wildlife and yak
  • Magnificent views of Modi River valley, Seti River valley, farming terraces, traditional lifestyle, and green hills

About Short Mardi Himal Trek

A 3-day Short Mardi Himal Trek is the fastest itinerary from Pokhara to Pokhara. It is for the usual hiker who can walk quickly and for long hours. We recommend our regular trekking package for Mardi Himal, which is more relaxed for beginners, families, and elderlies.

Our short trekking trip to Mardi Himal is the best mountain trip for those who lack time but love to go close to the high mountains. From Mardi viewpoint, you can see the nearest view of the most charming mountain Fishtail in the Annapurna Himalayas, Annapurna South, Hiuchuli, Annapurna III, Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, Manaslu, and more. Also, you can see an unblocked sunset, a zenith view of green hills, evening lights of Pokhara city, captivating landscapes, and more from Badal Danda and High Camp.

You will enjoy walking inside green forests most of the time before you reach Badal Danda. You may see wild animals and beautiful birds walking inside the jungle trails. This short Mardi Himal trip is an alternative to Poon Hill, but the elevation you will reach is higher than the Poon Hill in Mardi.

This short 3-day Mardi Himal Trekking begins with a short drive from Pokhara to Kande in the morning. Then, it goes to Forest Camp or Rest Camp through Australian Camp and Pitam Deurali on the first day. You reach Mardi High Camp on the second day, the last place you can spend a night at a high altitude on this trip. On the third early morning, you hike to the viewpoint and then return to High Camp for breakfast. After breakfast, the journey descends towards Sidding to catch a drive to Pokhara via Badal Danda and Low Camp.

What to Expect from a 3-Day Mardi Himal Trek?

First, our 3-day Mardi Himal Trek is a budget-friendly mountain trip in Nepal, which you can do at a low cost. It is a short Himalayan tour so that time-bound people can enjoy breathtaking mountain views from a close distance in a short holiday.

You can see unreal views of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayas from Badal Danda, High Camp, and Mardi Viewpoint. Also, the zenith view of green hills, captivating landscapes, flora, and fauna with traditional local lifestyle amaze you on this trek.

Blooming Himalayan cherry blossoms in autumn and rhododendrons in spring are another attraction of this rapid Mardi Trek. Besides the natural highlights, remember long walking camps in a day and prepare to walk more than seven hours daily.

Short Mardi Himal Trek – Is it possible to complete in 3 days?

A short Mardi Himal Trek is a rapid walking trip. Completing this trip in 3 days is possible, but you must be an experienced hiker. Altitude also matters, so people who have not visited high altitudes above two thousand meters will suffer breathing. Still, everyone can finish the Mardi Himal short trek in three days if they are ready to walk 7-8 hours each day on up and down hills trails.

3 Days Itinerary of Mardi Himal Trek

The rapid 3-day Mardi Himal Trek walking camps are long. On this trip, you walk 7-8 hours each day. Walking from Kande, you will pass the Australian Camp, Deurali, and Forest Camp. Usually, trekkers on a relaxed itinerary stay in Deurali on the first day.

After spending the first night in Rest Camp, you trek to High Camp via Low Camp and Badal Danda. It is 6-7 hours walking today and gains around one thousand one hundred meters altitude. On the third day, You start walking early in the morning with a flashlight to Mardi Viewpoint, which takes around two hours and then trek to Siding via High Camp, Badal, Danda, and Low Camp. It is a long descending day and takes around five hours. You drive to Pokhara from Sidding for 2-3 hours to complete a 3-day short Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary.

Is 3-Day Quickest Mardi Himal Trek Good for Family?

This 3-day Quickest Mardi Himal Trek may only suit some families who plan to travel to the mountain briefly with their kids. If the children are usual walkers, they can do this. Still, we recommend our Regular Mardi Himal Itinerary for other families who are unusual hikers.

Do I Need Practice for Short Mardi Trek?

If you are a runner or a regular hiker, this 3-day short Mardi Trek is easy. But if you do not run often or are not a regular hiker, walking for many hours in the high altitudes of Mardi Himal will be hard. So, we suggest running daily for a few kilometers or several days up and down hills hikes to be well-practiced for this rapid mountain trip.

You can also go to an indoor gym for muscle training and cardio exercise. While you train in the fitness center, focus on training your leg muscles more, which will prevent thigh pain from a long descending trail.

Things to Pack for the Trek

You can carry a bit of trekking gear for this short trip. The packing list for the Mardi Himal and Poon Hill are the same so that you can check Poon Hill trekking equipment list for this short 3-day Mardi Trek.

Best Time for Short Mardi Trek

You can go on a rapid 3-day short Mardi Trek in all seasons except summer. But October, November, and December are the best months for this trip. The weather in these months is the best of the year so that you can see bright mountains and almost no possibility of rain.

Spring is also a perfect time for the short Mardi Trip. March to May is the spring season in Nepal, during which you can see beautifully blooming rhododendrons in the forest of the Mardi Himal Region.

Winter in January and February also offers clear mountain views. Still, the temperature will be colder compared to the other months. There is less crowded in winter on this trail, so if you love to hike in a quiet environment, you can choose the winter season for a 3-day Mardi Trip.

Choose the Best Company for a 3-Day Short Mardi Himal Trekking.

Frolic Adventure has been operating Mountain Treks and a 3-day short trek to Mardi Himal since 2016. You can book an all-inclusive trip or hire a guide with us for this mountain trip. We operate the tour by providing experienced government license-holder Guides. Our guides are friendly, informative, and knowledgeable about the route. So, remember us for the best cost and safety mountain trip and make a memorable Nepal visit.


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It is a long walking day, so you leave Pokhara early, around 7:30 am, and drive to Kande on a private car, van/bus, which takes around an hour to see magnificent mountain views and captivating landscapes. Once you reach Kande, you will get off the drive and walk towards Rest Camp, passing Australian Camp, Deurali, and Forest Camp. You will be walking inside deep forests the whole day today. It takes about seven to eight hours to reach Rest Camp from Kande. Overnight in Rest Camp.

  • Meals: Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse
  • Place: Rest Camp
  • Altitude: 2,480m/8,136 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Private Car/Van/Bus
  • Departure Time: 7:30 am

Today is a short walking day compared to the first day. You will walk around 5-6 hours, but the altitude matters. You will ascend one thousand one hundred meters, which is pretty high. Also, the trail ascends most of the time, which might make it exhausting. Walking towards the High Camp, especially after Badal Danda, you will enjoy the view. Overnight in High Camp.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse
  • Place: Mardi High Camp
  • Altitude: 3,580m/11,445 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk
  • Departure Time: 8:00 am

Today is the most incredible day. It would be best to start walking very early towards the viewpoint, but you can see an unreal view from the nearest distance. You will see Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna III, Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, Fishtail, and many other mountains with charming valleys and hills from the viewpoint. After enjoying stunning views, you will hike back to the High Camp, have breakfast, and then trek to Sidding on a descending trail and drive to Pokhara. Overnight in Pokhara.

  • Meals: Breakfast+Lunch
  • Accommodation: None
  • Place: Pokhara
  • Altitude: 8,20m/2,690 feet
  • Mode of Transportation: Walk+Private Jeep
  • Departure Time: 5:00 am

Cost Details

  • Private Car/Van/Bus from Pokhara to Kande
  • Private jeep from Siding to Pokhara
  • Experience and friendly government license holder guide
  • Transportation, food, and salary to the guide
  • Accommodation and food during the trek with a cup of tea/coffee in the morning
  • Fresh fruit in every evening
  • Annapurna Conservation entry permit
  • Government TAX
  • International and domestic flight fares and airport departures
  • Your travel insurance
  • Accommodation, food, and drink in the city like Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks besides a cup of tea/coffee with breakfast
  • Hot shower, battery charge, Wi-Fi, and heater charge
  • Day snacks, sweet things like chocolates, and dessert
  • Porter to carry your bag (we arrange it if you need it at extra cost)
  • Tips for guide and porter
  • Things that are not in the inclusion section

Useful Info

Accommodation, Food, and Drink on 3-Day Mardi Trek

On a 3-day short Mardi Trek, you will spend two nights in the mountains, so there are plenty of guesthouses for the night stay. You will have private accommodation in the lodge. Still, it can be challenging to find a room sometimes due to the number of trekkers in the high season. Our guide will manage accommodation in each place, so you do not have to worry about getting a place to stay.

You do not have to stay with the local foods in the trek. You will have a food menu in the lodge where you stay, and you can choose any Western food items from the menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We suggest having Dal Bhat (Nepali set meal), which is a good filling and delicious on this trip.

You can buy bottled water at each stop where you stay or along the way. Buying mineral water costs high in the Himalayas, so you can drink regular tap water by filling in your bottle, but remember to use purification or sterilizer before you drink.

Internet, Phone, and Battery Charging on the Trek

Wi-Fi is everywhere, and you can stop for lunch and stay overnight on a short 3-day Mardi Himal Trekking. Also, cell phone reception is good, so you can buy a Nepalese SIM Card with internet data for the trek from Kathmandu or Pokhara before you go on this trip. Please take a power bank with you, but you can also charge your phone or camera in the lodge where you stay. Two nights are refined with one full charge in Pokhara until you return to Pokhara. Still, the battery dies so fast in cold temperatures.

Transport to Kande and from Siding 

You can get public sharing transportation from Pokhara to Kanda before walking for this short 3-day Mardi Trek and from Siding after visiting the leading destination. There are many bushes in Kande, but no bus from Siding to Pokhara. So you will have a jeep to share from Siding. But, there might not be many people to share transport with you from Siding all the time, so you have to reserve privately, which costs you around equivalent to one hundred USD. If you walk fast and travel during the high trekking season, you can find other people to share transport with. If you book this short Mardi trip with us, you do not have to worry about transportation. We arrange it for you, which makes a fearless journey to the Himalayas.

Altitude Sickness on Short Mardi Trek

You reach a high altitude quickly on this short Mardi Trek so that some people may suffer from altitude. However, altitude sickness is relatively safe on this trip. If you have been around three thousand meters earlier, it won't be a problem. Still, breathing might be difficult if it is your first time visiting the high elevation. Still, you can make it with a slow walk and easy taking. Altitude sickness is risky somehow, but it is not a sudden thing. You will have earlier symptoms and enough time to be safe. We suggest not to hide symptoms from the guide; then, the guide will advise you and make a decision.

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