Trek to Manaslu Circuit in October

  • Jun 8, 2023
  • Rajesh Thapaliya

If you are looking for a great experience with the Manaslu Circuit Trek, plan to trek in October. In Nepal and the Manaslu region, October has cozy weather and a busy autumn trekking season. Most trekkers love to visit the Manaslu region in October because of the clear weather, bright mountain views, beautiful forests, and stunning landscapes under the blue skies.

Autumn brings the big trekking season and invites many trekkers worldwide to the Nepalese Himalayas. You can share your personal experiences with others and learn about others during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October.

Mt. Manaslu from Samagaun

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Why Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is usually possible during the whole year, but winter is almost impossible. It also will be difficult at the beginning of spring. However, trekking in October has its rewards, which you can see below:

Perfect Climate to Trek Manaslu Circuit in October

The best thing about the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October is the pleasant and stable weather conditions. You can walk under the clear blue sky along the Manaslu Circuit trail during the day. The nights in October won’t be like in winter so that will be bearable temperatures during the Manaslu Trek. So far, you do not need to wear thick clothes most of the time and do not need to use rain gear. Although, it is better to have them because the weather in the mountain is hard to predict.

October is a perfect month to go to the mountains, so there won’t be chances of rain and snowfall. So, you do not need to worry about the difficulty of crossing Larke La, slippery trails, and un tolerable temperatures during the trek.

Time of Festivals

Dashain and Tihar (Diwali) are two major Hindu Festivals in Nepal, held in October. It is the first time to meet families and friends staying in different cities for work and study. They get together at the Festival to celebrate and have lots of fun. Trekking to the Manaslu Circuit at this time involves you celebrating these Dashain and Tihar Festivals in Nepal. You can also get some special foods specially prepared for the celebrations.

Amazing Views

You come to the Manaslu region to see stunning views of the Manaslu Himalayas. And October is the month with bright and clear views of the beautiful Manaslu Himalayas.

October is a month of autumn, so autumn comes right after the monsoon season. The monsoon rain clears the darkened environment and brings a clear sky and atmosphere. And charming views of mountains and surroundings with less humidity make your trip very much meaningful. So, you will defiantly enjoy excellent views of high snow-capped mountains, landscapes, and surroundings during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October.

There are many rice fields in the lower region, so you can see the farmers harvesting rice and lots in the area, too, at this time.

Share Experience and Culture with Others

October is a pic trekking season, so there are many adventure trekkers from different countries on the Manaslu Circuit Trekking trail. You can Share your Experience and Culture with them and learn about their culture. You can also learn about the culture, lifestyle, and daily activities of the locals from the Manaslu region.

Clear Path on Larke La pass

There snows a lot on the Larke La Pass trail during the winter, and it remains until the beginning of the spring season. Autumn does not snow, and there won’t be old snow, so the trail will be clear and easy to walk. The most challenging part of the trek is to cross the Larke, but you won’t feel that difficult to walk if there is no snow.

Weather and Temperature on Manaslu Circuit Trail in October

Larke La pass

The central region why the trekkers choose October to Trek to the Manaslu Circuit is because of the stable Weather Conditions. Although, the weather in the mountains changes so fast and is hard to predict. The weather in the Manaslu region remains relatively stable, with clear visibility in October with fewer clouds in the sky.

October is the least humid month of the year. There will be fewer clouds covering the hills and mountains, so you will have more chances of seeing beautiful views during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You also do not need to worry about the rain and snowfalls in October because it is the month with minimal chance of raindrops and snowfalls.

It will be a very tolerable Temperature in the Manaslu Region in October. You feel warm in the lower part for a few days, but the nights will be chilly. The Temperature starts decreasing as you go to the higher areas, but the days are still warm during the walk, and you will sweat on the trail. The nights and mornings before sunrise will be cold. The average Temperature in the Manaslu Region lies between 13°c-25°c in October. The average Temperature in the higher area stays 15°c or 16°c during the day and falls to -1°c at night, below 4,000m above sea level. But, it may drop to -2°c after 4,000m of elevation during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October.

Food, Drinks, and Accommodation in Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

You can find plenty of lodges and guesthouses along the Manaslu Circuit trail, but some places have limited lodges with limited rooms. There are no luxurious lodges, and significantly fewer guesthouses have attached bathrooms, but you will get private accommodations in most places during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October. There are two separate beds in each room, which are clean and comfortable. You will get a pillow and blanket on the beds, but you must have your sleeping bag for the night.

Every guest has a food menu so that you can order the foods from the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Manaslu Trek. You might see the same food course most of the time, but you have several options from the menu. The foods are prepared primarily by trained cooks, but they are hygienic.

You can buy bottled water everywhere during the Manaslu Trek in October. Bottled water is expensive in the higher region; as you go high altitude, the price also goes high. You can also drink tap water but must use purification methods before drinking it.

You do not need to bring a tent and food for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulties in October

Long Trekking Camps

You start the trek from a sub-tropical climate region to have a few long trekking camps in the lower areas. It can be warm during the day, and you might sweat a lot. The trail has many up-and-down hills and stones so that they might tire you. You also might be dehydrated because of losing sweat.

Difficulties of Accommodation

October is a hectic month for Nepal trekking. Many trekkers go on a Trek to the Manaslu Circuit. Because of the more significant numbers of trekkers, it cannot be easy to get Accommodation quickly in some places like Deng, Namrung, Samdo, and Dharmashala. But, you can get accommodations rapidly in the other sites because of plenty of guesthouses.

Altitude Sickness

High altitude rescue

Altitude Sickness can be the biggest problem in the mountain. It may disrupt the successful trip. Altitude mainly affects the brain and lungs. Altitude Sickness is caused by low oxygen in the air with high atmospheric pressure in the High Himalayan region. It also can be a problem of dehydration and weakness. However, it will be the slightest chance of getting altitude sickness in the Manaslu Region because you begin the trek from a low altitude and ascend slowly to the higher.

Tips For Manaslu Trek in October

Of course! Trekking in the mountain region is complex, and the Manaslu circuit is even more difficult because of the high pass Larke La. You must be careful during the trek; see some helpful trekking tips about the Manaslu Trek here for a successful trip.

  • Start walking earlier in the morning.
  • Book accommodations in advance at least one day earlier before you reach the place
  • Walk slowly in the higher region
  • Drink plenty of clean water and fluid
  • Take enough altitude practice rest days
  • Keep warm, Yourself, eat well, and sleep well
  • Respect the local religion, culture, and beliefs
  • Pack enough essential equipment and medicine
  • Do not keep a long distance from friends and guides during the walk
  • Take rain gear, a light jacket, and a pair of changing clothes during the day in a daypack

Equipment for October Manaslu Circuit Trek

You must have good quality trekking equipment for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October because it is an adventure trek with a high pass Throng La (5,106m). Enough and quality trek gear is vital in a successful adventure mountain trip. Here, you can see an essential list of hiking gear.

  • Duffel bag or rucksack to pack all trekking gear
  • Daypack for day cloth, light jacket, day snack, valuables, and rain gear
  • Sun hat and warm hat
  • Buff or scarf for neck and nose to protect from cold and dust
  • 3-4 long and half sleeves trekking shirts
  • Fleece high-neck shirt
  • Light fleece jacket or wind stopper
  • Down jacket for the morning and evening
  • Light gloves and windproof gloves
  • Thermal layers
  • 3-4 Trekking trousers (Zip off suggested)
  • Good quality trekking boot (Perfect size for your feet)
  • Gaiters
  • 5-6 pairs of Trekking socks
  • Sports shoes and water sandals
  • Windproof trouser
  • Down booties
  • Rain gear
  • Few plastic bags for dirty and wet clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Head torch
  • Trekking poles
  • Sun lotion and lip balm (above SPF 30)
  • Moisturizers cream
  • Baby wipers
  • Tissues
  • Quick drier towel
  • Extra camera battery
  • Multi-use power socket
  • Power bank for battery charging
  • First-Aid kit and toiletries

Other Treks with Manaslu Circuit in October

Throng La pass

You can do the T-sum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek together in October if you have about 4-5 days more with the regular Manaslu trek itinerary. The T-sum Valley is a beautiful Himalayan hidden valley in the Manaslu Region. You can see beautiful monasteries and attractive valleys over there.

The T-sum Valley trail goes through the same itinerary with the Manaslu circuit until the Eklebhatti, then split to the right. You can visit the T-sum first and then go for the Larke pass in October.

Besides The T-sum Valley, you can combine the Manaslu circuit trek in October with the Annapurna circuit. After crossing the Larke, the Manaslu Trek ends in Dharapani; then, you join the Annapurna Circuit Trek trail. You Trek to Chame, Manang, cross Throng La (5,416m), and then reach Muktinath. You can drive from here to Pokhara directly or trek down a few days more if you have a few days.

Short and Luxury Tours with Manaslu Trek in October

You will have an extra day in Kathmandu before starting the Manaslu Trek in October to arrange the trekking permits. You can use that free day for a day tour in the Kathmandu Valley. You can do the Kathmandu City Tour, Bhaktapur and Patan Day Tour, and other heritage site tours during the permit-making day in Kathmandu.

Besides the day tours, you can hike around the Kathmandu Valley. There are several beautiful nature and cultural hiking trails near Kathmandu. Champadevi Hike, Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike, Shivapuri Hike, and other beautiful hiking trails are in Kathmandu. The hike might be good practice for a long adventure trek for you.

The activities mentioned above are for before starting the Manaslu Trek in October. You can go for a Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour after the trek. This jungle tour offers a relaxed feel with a warm temperature after spending many days in cold mountain temperatures.


October is one of the best months for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. That is why lots of adventure trekkers from all over the world chose this month to trek. Stable weather conditions and tolerable temperatures are the essential facts of the October Manaslu Trek. You will have outstanding views of big snow-capped mountains, landscapes, green hills, and many other natural beauties. It will be fewer chances of snowfalls and rainfall during the Manaslu circuit trek in October.

I hope you learn about the Manaslu Trek in October in this post. If you think that there is missing information that you have heard from the people who have already done a trek in October, You can ask us by contacting us on our contact us page. We will surely try to solve your queries regarding the October Manaslu Trek.

If you have not booked your trip, You can book your trek now. We are happy to organize your Manaslu adventure for October.

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