Nepal is a rich country for culture and religion. It is a country of biodiversity, multi-ethnicity, multi-languages, festivals, and much more. Nepal is a small country with having more than 125 different ethnic groups and more than 123 different languages. You can find blogs and information about the Nepalese culture, religion, customs, and more... in this section.

Culture and Religion

  • monks offering during mani rimdu festival

    Mani Rimdu Festival

    • Sep 30, 2022
    • Culture and Religion

    Mani Rimdu is especially a celebration of the Tibetan Buddhist Sherpa people in autumn around ...

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  • tiji festival celebration in the palace yard

    Tiji Festival in Mustang

    • Jul 22, 2022
    • Culture and Religion

    Tiji is a famous Tibetan Buddhist Festival, which celebrates in Lo-Manthang. The Lo-Manthang was the capital ...

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  • Religion in Nepal

    Religions of Nepal

    • May 17, 2019
    • Culture and Religion

    Hindu Religion in NepalPashupatinath templeHinduism is the oldest Religion in the world, and its attribute ...

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