How to Get Free Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

  • Aug 26, 2022
  • Rajesh Thapaliya

Wow, Free flight tour to Everest base camp! It is a terrific offer for you in Nepal. Everest base camp Heli tour is a luxurious flight tour that takes you to the bottom of the world’s tallest mountain within a couple of hours from Kathmandu.

Only a lucky person can get this opportunity to experience a free helicopter tour to the Everest base camp, so be that lucky person contacting us today. Seeing the massive Himalayas from a helicopter flight and reaching the base camp for free can be an unbelievable experience. Is it true? Of course! It is. So, do not miss this great offer.

Everest base camp helicopter tour
Helicopter above Pheriche valley

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Everest base camp helicopter flight furnishes unreal ariel views of dazzling mountains, landscapes, greenery, local settlements, valleys, religious monuments and more. So, come and join us for a free helicopter tour to Everest base camp to experience these attractions.

Everest base camp helicopter landing tour lands at several places on the high Himalayan lands after taking off from the Kathmandu airport. That is why it is also known as the helicopter tour with landing.

Five passengers can fly from Kathmandu to Pheriche then it divides into two different shuttles. Tow passengers drop off here for breakfast and three people travellers fly over the base camp, see the Everest massif and land back in Pheriche. Now, the same activities are for those who dropped off earlier here. Finally, all together fly back to Kathmandu from Pheriche with great Himalayan memories.

This helicopter tour is perfect for people who do not have enough time, for a honeymoon trip, or people who are physically disabled and can’t trek on the high Himalayan lands but have very much desire to see the massive Himalayas. Also, if you are on a trek in Nepal for the different regions where it is not possible to see Mt. Everest, and are interested to see it. A free base camp helicopter tour could be the best option for you.

The base camp helicopter tour attempts miracle views of the giant Himalayas from a very close angle by flying above the gorgeous Khumbu glacier. Several long-ranged big mountains of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishankar, Tibetan mountains and more can be seen including the famous Everest Himalayas from the Everest base camp helicopter flight.

Free Helicopter Tour Highlights

Everest base camp helicopter tour
View from Everest view hotel

  • Exiting helicopter flight from Kathmandu to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain with phenomenal views of impressive Himalayas
  • An aerial view of green forests, edges of the hills, attractive landscape, traditional villages, religious monuments and more
  • Reaching very close to the world’s tallest mountain Everest without any panic physical or psychological stress
  • Marvellous flight to the lap of Mt. Everest with flying over Khumbu glacier
  • Numerous landings in the high Himalayan lands for refreshing with Khumbu nature, taking some beautiful shots in-camera and having delicious breakfast
  • Encounter the mountain legend people Sherpa and know about their lifestyle, religion and culture

Free Base Camp Helicopter Tour Departures

We have set the daily departure dates for the Everest base camp helicopter landing tour. The fixed departure dates are for the people who are looking for a group to join. You also can book a private departure if you have a group of 5 people.

Several airline companies are operating scenic Everest base camp helicopters flight with landing in Kathmandu. The flight tours are especially managed for the morning every day in clear weather.

What to Wear and What to Take on Heli Tour

You will land in the high lands like in Lukla, Syangboche/Pheriche and Kalapatthar then get off the helicopter to capture beautiful shots with your camera. The places where you land, have cold temperatures so, wearing warm clothes are highly suggested.

Windproof trousers, fleece jacket, down jacket, winter hat and a pair of warm windproof gloves are recommended wear for the tour. Comfortable sports shoes with warm socks are also important for a free Everest helicopter tour.

Besides bodywear, sunglasses and sun lotion are essential for a free helicopter tour with landing. And do not forget to take a camera with you. You can also take a GoPro if you have got to make a stunning video.

Note: Take some Nepalese rupees that you need to pay for breakfast and hot drinks in the mountain. And do not take the things which are banned for the flight like a knife, matches, lighter, scissors, metal water bottle etc.

Free Helicopter Tour Route

Private transportation picks you up from your hotel and then transfers you to the international airport to board a scenic helicopter flight tour. Then the flight takes flies towards Lukla from Kathmandu. After flying around 45-50 minutes, it lands in Lukla for refuelling for another 10-15 minutes.

The helicopter then flies to Syangboche/Everest view hotel or Pheriche for the second land after the first break in Lukla. You will be flying above some beautiful Sherpa villages like Phakding, Monjo, Namche, Tengboche and Pangboche following Bhotekosi and Dudhkoshi river valley. After Syangboche/Pheriche, a single tour group of 5 people divides into different shuttles.

The first shuttle with 3 passengers towards Kalapatthar lands here. Here, you have a fantastic time capturing the stunning Himalayas on your camera. You will not spend a long time here because of the high altitude and cold temperature. It is not recommended to stay longer time in the higher elevation especially if you visit directly from a lower region directly.

Now, you will fly back to Pheriche flying above the base camp and Khumbu glacier. The second group who were dropped off on the way up does the same as you and you enjoy the breakfast and hot drinks until the time for the second group will arrive. Now, you all 5 people fly back to Kathmandu together using the same air route that you followed before with a mesmerizing helicopter tour experience.

The Best Time for Everest Helicopter Tour

Unstable weather can be applied in the high Himalayan region. The Everest region may also have the same. So, it is hard to say when can be the best time to fly to the Everest base camp. The weather condition, changes in air and clouds can be affected the flight and landing.

October, November and December in the autumn and March to May in the Spring are highly recommended for the Everest base camp Heli tour. These mentioned months provide you mostly the best visibility with the predictive weather condition. The mountains are cristal shiny with the clear sky during these months. There will be very fewer chances of rainfall and sudden weather changes during recommended seasons. So, You will have a splendid view of the long-ranged huge Himalayas including the world’s highest mountain Everest. But, if there would have some unusual climate actions in the neighbouring countries of Nepal, it may affect the Nepalese weather and may have unexpected changes sometimes.

Somehow, the months of winter are not bad for the free helicopter tour but, do not think about taking a flight to the Everest base camp during summer. There might be some nice and clear days during the rainy season but, they can be changed very quickly.

The Everest base camp Heli tour can be delayed or cancelled because of uncertain changes in weather. The weather has to be clear and balanced with no strong wind to board the flight to the EBC.

Helicopter Tour to Other Region

Mardi Himal trek
Mardi Himal high camp

Like this helicopter tour, you also have other regions for a scenic helicopter tour. Some helicopter tours also take to religious places to pilgrims with viewing stunning mountain ranges, landscapes and more.

Gosaikunda Heli tour in Nepal flies for religious propose and to see beautiful nature including the massive Himalayas. It is a short-distance flight tour from Kathmandu, so it costs cheaper compared to the Everest helicopter tour.

Gosaikunda helicopter tour begins from Kathmandu airport. The Everest Helicopter tour flies east but, the Gosaikunda trip leaves north. Gosaikunda is a sacred place for Hindus and Buddhists with numerous tranquil holy lakes. You will have great views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Annapurna and Tibetan massifs with attractive landscapes, green hills, valleys and traditional settlements.

Besides the Gosaikunda and the Everest base camp helicopter flight, you may also fly over the Annapurna region. There are several scenic helicopter tours to the Annapurna base camp, Mardi Himal and Muktinath operating from Kathmandu. Annapurna region helicopter tour remains close to a beautiful lake city Pokhara, so you may have an opportunity to explore Pokhara if you take the Annapurna region helicopter tour package.

How to Get a Free Flight Tour Ticket

The base camp helicopter tour is the most expensive day tour in Nepal. It is a luxury and very memorable tour that takes to the lap of the world’s highest mountain within a couple of hours from Kathmandu. So, it could be an extreme moment for you if you get this scenic tour for free.

If you have a group of five people for a private trip, You may pay 1000 USD per person only for 4 people. Then, get a free ticket for the base camp helicopter tour. 

We can also make a special discount for the helicopter tour booking with us if you have more than one person during the period of reservation time.

Getting a free helicopter tour is, of course, a golden space for you. Bout may not wait, so don’t miss it and plan the free helicopter tour now.

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