• monks offering during mani rimdu festival

    Mani Rimdu Festival 2023

    • Sep 30, 2022
    • Culture and Religion

    Mani Rimdu is especially a celebration of the Tibetan Buddhist Sherpa people in autumn around ...

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  • tiji festival celebration in the palace yard

    Tiji Festival in Mustang

    • Jul 22, 2022
    • Culture and Religion

    Tiji is a famous Tibetan Buddhist Festival, which celebrates in Lo-Manthang. The Lo-Manthang was the capital ...

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  • Free Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Free Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

    • Mar 17, 2022
    • Nepal Travel Tips

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter flights furnish unreal aerial views of dazzling mountains, landscapes, greenery, local ...

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  • Everest Marathon

    Everest Marathon

    • Mar 21, 2019
    • News and Events

    The Everest Marathon is the Highest Marathon competition in the world. It is always held ...

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