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  • Mar 19, 2023
  • Rajesh Thapaliya

Hiring a perfect guide for many days of trekking in the mountain from home might be difficult because you never know if the person you are taking as a guide is experienced, friendly and informative. Yes, we understand your feeling! If you are thinking the same, think a little. You are in the right place now, who arrange honest, experienced, and friendly travel leaders for you in Nepal.

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Hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal

After a new trekking rule from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), many people might be looking for a guide hire in Nepal, but they are still determining who to hire! You are in the right place now! We provide you guide, porter, and TIMS card for any trekking destinations in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Trekking individually for everyone may not be an obligation, but it can be a desire to travel freely. The Nepalese tourism board is trying to ensure trekkers' safety because a few people are passing their life in high altitudes and have not even found some lost trekkers, whether they died or are still alive.

The trekkers also may think if a guide mandatory rule applies, whether I get a certified guide or not. Of course! The guide we provide government license holder-trained guides for your mountain treks in Nepal.

The Nepal tourism board has just said a guide is mandatory for trekking but has yet to say that trekkers must pay this large amount, so we provide a very reasonable cost. Do you want to hire a guide because of the rule and do not care about getting depth information about Nepal? Or, you want to know well about the region where you are visiting from the guide. The cost also depends on the quality of the guides. There are still some places where you do not need a trekking guide. If you want to travel individually in Nepal, you can still have the choices, but those routes are not famous among the tourists who plan to travel to Nepal and wish to go on the Himalayan trek in Nepal. You rarely meet people who speak English on those trails, so you might need to face many difficulties on those off-the-beaten trekking routes.

How much do we charge for a guide?

One guide can lead a single trekker to a bigger group, so traveling alone with a guide is more expensive than one for many trekkers. It is cheap to share one between many people, but it may be difficult if one from the group gets sick and must return from the high altitudes. So, you must be ready to face those difficulties in the mountain if you are looking for a sharing guide between many trekkers.

We provide a guide to you without taking a hefty profit, so the cost you see here is very reasonable and goes to the guide. How much do we charge you for a guide per day? Check carefully below:

Trekking Guide Cost for the Everest Region

Everest Himalayas

Several trekking routes in the Everest region include the base camp, high passes, EBC Gokyo lakes, Everest panorama, Gokyo valley, and Renjo La pass treks, which mostly begin with flying into Lukla airport from Kathmandu or Ramechhap (Manthali). Also, trekkers are walking from Jiri and Salleri, who have a long holiday for Everest. Whichever route you are going for, the cost of the guide is the same for the Everest region. So, what do we need to provide with a guide for you, and how much does it cost? Check here in detail:

Regular Guide Salary Per Day

  • 20 USD for 1-4 trekkers
  • 30 USD for above 5 trekkers

If you want an assistance guide for a big group, the cost will be 18 USD daily.


2000 NPR

You can pay for the Pasang Lhamu and national park fees yourself, which are 2000 and 3000 NPR.

Flight Ticket

  • 360 USD - except SAARC trekkers
  • 30,000 NPR – for SAARC trekkers

You have to pay flight ticket for a guide if you want from Kathmandu, which costs you 11,500 NPR.

You can reach the Everest base camp and Kalapatthar within a few hours, for which you do not need a guide.

Trekking Guide Cost for the Annapurna Region

Annapurna region has more trekking routes than Everest. Some are very popular, where you can see hundreds of trekkers daily during the high trekking seasons. Ghorepani Poon hill, Annapurna base camp, Mardi Himal, and Annapurna circuit trails are the busiest routes, although Khopra ridge, Mohare ridge, and other routes are also super beautiful and quiet.

Guide Salary for Annapurna Per day

  • 20 US$ for 1-4 travelers
  • 30 US$ for above five travelers

Assistance guide for a bigger group – 18 US$ per day extra

Papers for Trekking

  • TIMS Card - 2,000 Nrs
  • ACAP permit - 3,000 Nrs

We arrange a bus and plane tickets from Kathmandu to Pokhara at extra cost. We also book a hotel in Pokhara if you still need to secure it.

Guide Hire for Manaslu Trek

It was a compulsory guide to trek to the Manaslu region even earlier before the Nepal tourism board's new rule. It is a restricted trekking region in Nepal. So, how much do the trekkers need to pay for a guide for Manaslu, then? It is the same as other regions, be clear! What else do you need for Manaslu besides the guide we arranged? Check them below:

Manasu Trekking Guide Salary Per Day

  • 20 US Dollars – for 1-4 people
  • 30 US Dollars – above five people

Trekking Papers

  • TIMS Card – 2,000 NPR
  • ACAP Permit – 3,000 NPR
  • MCAP Permit – 3,000 NPR
  • Restricted area entry permit – 100 USD (September-November), 75 USD (December-August) for seven days

We can arrange a private jeep to Sotikhola/Machhakhola and from Dharapani

Trekking Guide for Langtang

A guide telling the name of the mountains

Langtang region is the nearest trekking region from Kathmandu, which takes you very close to the high mountains within a few days. The Langtang trekking routes are inside the Langtang national park. Available regular lodge treks in this region are Langtang valley, Gosaikunda lakes, Langtang and Gosaikunda combined, Tamang heritage, Tamang heritage, and Langtang valley or Gosaikunda lakes treks that you can do in this region. It is also an excellent place for birdwatching because more than 300 species of birds live in this national park. So, check below about the guide cost and the other papers.

Trekking Guide Salary Per Day

  • 20 USD – for 1-4 people
  • 30 USD – over five people

Trekking Papers

  • TIMS Card – 2000 NPR
  • You can issue a national park entry permit in Dhunche, which costs 3,000 NPR.

There are no tourist buses to Syabrubesi. We arrange a private jeep if you want to.

Note: The guides we arrange with the cost above are authorized government license holders and trained for sure, but all of them might need to be fluent in English. If you like to have a well-English-speaking and experienced guide, we also have those types of guide. But the cost will be higher than regular guides. Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your requirement earlier.

We also Arrange Porter for the trek in Nepal.

Trekking to high mountain elevations with a backpack can be difficult, and you might not enjoy the trip well. So, hiring a porter to carry your trekking equipment makes walking much more accessible. You can also share a porter between two people, which will be cheaper. We can provide a porter at 16 USD for every mountain trek in Nepal.

Hire a Tour Guide in Nepal

Having a tour guide to visit the heritage sites and cities is optional. But, if you hire a tour guide to visit those heritage sites, you will learn very well about the Nepalese ancient history, religions, culture, ethnic groups, art, and architecture. However, you have a brochure with the site's information on it. But, not each and everything has been written there.

Tour guides are very qualified because if anyone wants a tour guide's license, they have to be graduated. You can also get a local guide inside most heritage sites. They also have a permit from the government, but it is optional to graduate and be guided to particular places. We provide experienced tour guides and private transport for the Kathmandu day tour for just 50 USD per person. If you are looking for a guide to visit anywhere in Nepal, you can contact us, tell us about your desired destination, and ask for a guide.

Why Should You Hire a Guide?

You might feel a lot different between hiring a guide for mountain trekking or not. You, of course, feel it easy to manage everything in the mountains and travel without any stress if you have a guide. Check below what guide makes your trip easy and comfortable.

  • Get information about the region and know the name of the mountains well
  • Easy accommodation arrangement
  • You save time by not seeing route maps all the time
  • Get all info if there are places to get drinks between the two camps
  • Accessible communication and the get the correct information
  • Keeps you alert about safety and security, which you might face in the mountain
  • Never feel lonely in the new place


If you are looking to hire a guide in Nepal for your mountain treks after the new trekking rule from the Nepal tourism board, you must be looking for a genuine travel operator to find an authorized trekking guide. We provide you with a professional guide for any Himalayan destination in Nepal. We are a registered and legal travel operator in Nepal so that you can be your perfect tour operator providing excellent trekking and tour guide. Please ask us about trekking in Nepal anytime by contacting us through our website, WhatsApp, direct call, and social media, or send enquire from the bottom of this page.

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