Tour Equipment List

There is not any special equipment for tours in Nepal. Any comfortable clothing according to the seasons and temperature is recommended. For the day tours, safari tour, and a day hike needs different wearing. For the day tour, any colour and shorts or long according to the temperature can wear. Jungle safari needs longer clothes and dark in colour. For the day hike, you need hiking boots and hiking clothes.

Day Tour Equipment

  • Any easy and comfortable clothes as season and temperature
  • UV protection sunglass
  • Sun lotion
  • Day pack
  • Rain cover or Umbrella

Day Hike Equipment

  • Comfortable and good size hiking boots
  • Hiking trouser and t-shirt
  • Water bottle
  • UV protection sunglass
  • Sun Lotion
  • Day pack to carry your valuables and water
  • Rain cover or Umbrella
  • Hiking poles (not compulsory)

Jungle Safari Equipment

  • Any comfortable long sleeves wear according to the season (Dark in colour)
  • Swimming costume or shorts for the elephant bathing
  • Sun lotion
  • UV protection sunglass

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