Custom and Policy

Nepal's customs are mainly concern about export of drugs, ancient antiques, illegal huge amount of money or duplicate notes and ornaments. All your loges will be x-rayed at the airport on arrival and departure. If any antiques look like ancient and doubtable, officers can offers you to show the certificate which is obtained from the department of archeology department. If you would like to take Khukuri (Gurkha knife), you need to have certificate from the place where you buy. Taking knives, dry batteries,   matches or lighter, metal water bottle and walking poles with you are not allowed in the domestic aircraft. You must have to put them in main loges. Taking stones from mountain, bringing medicinal herbs and special plants are not allowed in securities customs. Taking the photograph of the local is not good if you don't take permission from them so better to ask them before taking picture of them.

Certificate & Partners

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