Company Policies

Organizing different forms of responsible holiday programmes which are sustainable and eco- friendly is a major concern of Frlolic Adventure. Wherever we go, we only leave our own footprints, minimising impact on the environment and managing rubbish properly. Here are our company policies.

Economic Policy

  • Uplift local economy of the travel destination using local guide and porters.
  • Offering part time jobs to university students to encourage their understanding of local economies
  • Support women trainings and help to gain them different skills.
  • Use local products.
  • Buy locally made souvenirs.
  • Eat locally grown foods and vegetables.

Environmental Policy

  • Use gas/kerosene and decrease the use of firewood.
  • Make different toilet camps and manage rubbish properly.
  • Not using plastic bags or cans (to more extent) during travel.
  • Drinking safe water: using liquid or tabs to purify.
  • Not polluting water sources in the mountain.
  • Not disturbing, feeding or touching wild animals.
  • Bring bio-degradable things.
  • Not damage any plants

Cultural Behaves and Respect

  • Not discriminating people according to their color, sex, religion, region, nationality, race, economic condition, occupation, age and so on.
  • Try to contribute to the local charity.
  • Aware of costumes.
  • Not hugging and kissing in the public.
  • Taking photos by taking permission.
  • Not taking anything from the national park area and restricted zones.

Field Staffs Policy

  • Insurance to our guides, porters and other field staffs
  •  Medical coverage
  • Foods and accommodations during the field trip
  • Limited load
  • Different classes and trainings
  • Promote porter welfare
  • Appropriate salary for the staffs

Certificate & Partners

Government of NepalNepal Tourism BoardTAANKEEP